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  • Food BioCompatibility Test

    Food BioCompatibility Test

    $245.55 (inc GST)

    $223.23 (exc GST)

    Food Intolerance Test

    The Bio-Compatibility (Bio-Co) Test also known as a food intolerance test, food sensitivity test or food allergy test and is simple a non-invasive test, requiring only a sample of hair. The food intolerance test accurately measures over 500 different foods, beverages, nutritional supplements and personal hygiene products are determines which ones are not compatible with the body and may be contributing to underlying health issue(s). The Food Intolerance Test may help determine food intolerance's, food sensitivities or food allergies.

    Please note:

    We have additional tests available for foods found in ALDI, Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets. These tests are in addition to this Australian Food Intolerance Test and cannot be purchased separately. These additional supermarket foods tests can only be purchased with this Food Intolerance Test.

    This test is specifically tailored for the residence of Australia, some foods tested may not be relevant if you live outside Australia.

    We now offer specific Food Allergy Tests for different countries, please click on the country name below to see the relevant test page - India, New Zealand, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States of America

    An incompatibility to foods and beverages is linked to many health issues such;

    - Allergies

    - Sinus

    - Bloating

    - Flatulence

    - Skin conditions

    - Headaches

    - Insomnia

    - Fatigue

    - Learning difficulties

    The Food Intolerance Test Kit Contains:

    The food intolerance test contains a full set of instructions and any equipment required to provide a sample for testing. 

    The price of the food intolerance test included postage and return postage along with a report detailing the compatible and incompatible foods and what to do and when.

    What Items Are Tested in The Food Intolerance Test

    Click here to view a sample report, including a full list of all foods tested.  

    For More Information:

    Please refer to our Diagnostic Test page - Bio-Compatibility Test

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