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Drinking Fresh Apple Juice May Benefit Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease06-Jul-2011

In an open-label pilot study involving 21 institutionalised individuals with moderate-to-severe AD (Alzheimer’s disease), results indicate that daily consumption of fresh apple juice may improve behavioural symptoms. The patients received two 118ml or 4fl oz of apple juice daily for 1 month. After the month caregivers reported improvement in behavioural and psychotic symptoms associated with dementia, particularly anxiety, agitation and delusion. Thus, the authors conclude, “This pilot study suggests that apple juice may be a useful supplement, perhaps to augment pharmacological approaches, for attenuating the decline in mood that accompanies the progression of AD, which may also reduce caregiver burden.”

Greg’s Comments: Speaking from first hand experience and patient feedback this simple task of drinking fresh apple juice (cloudy apple juice from the supermarket also works) seems to be effective in reducing the Alzheimer’s sufferers anxiety, agitation and delusions and some carers have even noticed an improvement in confusion.

Reference: “Apple juice improved behavioural but not cognitive symptoms in moderate-to-late stage Alzheimer’s disease in an open-label pilot study,” Remington R, Shea TB, et al, Am J Alzheimer’s Dis Other Demen, 2010; 25(4): 367-71. (Address: Center for Cell Neurobiology and Neurodegeneration Research, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, MA, USA).