Candida Test - Candida Saliva Test


Candida, also referred to Candidiasis, is a fungal organism that can infect and run rampant within the body. It is often caused by a strain of Candida called Candida albicans, other Candida varieties can also cause poor health. The Candida Test requires a simple morning saliva sample, which is sent away to pathology for analysis. The Candida Test looks for the amount of Candida antibodies in your saliva, which indicate the level of of candida infestation.

Health Conditions associated with Candida

Candida is capable of producing over 100 different signs, symptoms and health complaints making it an extremely frustrating condition to pin down. Some health conditions associated with Candida are listed below, for a more comprehensive list please visit our Candida health page.

• Abdominal bloating or pain • Feeling Spaced Out
• Allergies • Flatulence
• Anxiety • Headaches
• Constipation • Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar)
• Cravings for sugar, bread, sweets or alcohol • Intolerance of perfume, odours, tobacco smoke
• Depression • Irritability
• Diarrhoea • Itchy Skin
• Fatigue
• Poor Memory

What's included in the Candida Test Kit?


The Candida Test Kit contains a full set of instructions and all equipment required to provide your saliva sample for Candida Testing. The Candida Test Kit included express post to the testing pathology in Melbourne.



Once we receive your Candida Saliva Test results from pathology we will analyse them and provide you with a personalised candida test treatment plan. The treatment plan contains lifestyle and dietary advice, strategies to address any underlying causes, recommended nutritional supplementation advice to get rid of Candida and a long term plan to maintain good health.


Please Note: The personalised treatment plan provided with candida saliva test results is not suitable for children under 15 years of age.


How much does the Candida Test Kit cost?

Clinic Candida Test Kit Cost: $105.00 This is in addition to your consultation fee.

Online Candida Test Kit Cost: $162.95 plus postage. This includes your saliva analysis, results report, Candida Recipe Book with over 80 tasty recipes and a personalised treatment plan.


The online Candida Saliva Test Kit price varies to that of the Clinic Candida Test Kit due the time it takes to analyse your results and develop your candida test results treatment plan. This would normally be included in the consultation fee that patients pay when receiving healthcare at our clinic.

For More Information

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