Bio-Impedance Analysis - Cellular Health Analysis

Ageing is a natural part of your life, however the speed at which your body ages depends on certain lifestyle, dietary, emotional and environmental factors. Luckily, with modern testing equipment called the Bio Impedance (Cellular Health) Analysis, we are able to measure many of the markers that can contribute to you getting older before your time.

What is a Bio Impedance Analysis?

The Bio Impedance Analysis, also known as a Bio Impedance Test, VLA Test and Cellular Health Analysis is a scientifically validated clinical test that measures your major markers of ageing. It was originally developed to monitor patient’s health after surgery and has been used in several NASA space missions to monitor the health of astronauts.

This simple non-invasive test obtains your readings from a device, which is then entered into an expansive and comprehensive software program to accurately calculate a range of body parameters. It also acts as a powerful motivator to help you to improve various areas of your health.

What can a Bio Impedance Analysis tell you about me?

The Bio Impedance Analysis is an exceptional tool that gives you valuable information about your current health status. It accurately measures and gives readings on the following;

  • your ideal weight for your height and frame size
  • your total fat mass
  • your ideal fat mass
  • what percentage of you is fat
  • your total muscle mass
  • your ideal muscle mass
  • what percentage of you is muscle
  • the quality of your muscle
  • your fat to muscle ratio
  • your biological age or the age of your cells
  • the amount of energy produced in your cells
  • the quality of the energy produced in your cells
  • how toxins or poisons are affecting your cells
  • how inflammation is affecting your cells
  • your metabolic rate
  • how well hydrated you are
  • your total body water
  • the total fluid inside your cells
  • the total fluid outside your cells (fluid retention)
  • the ideal amount of fluid outside your cells
  • your fitness level
  • your risk for metabolic syndrome or syndrome X

How can a Bio Impedance Analysis help me?

The Bio Impedance Analysis can accurately measure parameters in your body that in conjunction with the proper nutritional supplementation, diet and lifestyle changes can help you to:

  • lose weight and monitor your fat mass
  • increase and monitor your muscle mass and fitness
  • improve your energy levels
  • help you to age healthily
  • support the nutrition and health of your cells
  • decrease your biological age (age of your cells)

How much does a Bio Impedance Analysis cost?

A Bio Impedance Analysis costs $40.00 in addition to your consultation fee. This includes your Bio Impedance Test, results report and report of findings together with a personalised treatment plan to improve any health concerns that were identified. Your personalised treatment plan may include improvements to your diet and lifestyle as well as recommended nutritional supplements to improve your health status.