Detoxification Program - Why Detoxify Your Body?

Everyday 700,000 tonnes of chemicals and toxins are released into our environment and unfortunately there are many ways they can enter into your body. You might ingest them with food and drinks, you may absorb them through your skin and they can even enter your body through the air you breathe. Your lifestyle choices can also have a big impact on your body’s toxicity with alcohol, smoking, fast food, artificial sweeteners, sweets and stress particularly taking their toll.

Yet even when living in the cleanest environment, your body produces its own toxins through normal everyday processes. It is up to your digestive system, liver, immune system and kidneys to filter, neutralise and eliminate these toxins from your body in order to keep you healthy and feeling your best. Detoxification programs aim to cleanse these organs for optimum performance.

Check How Your Body's Detoxification Organs Rate!

Scan through the symptom checklists below for each of the detoxification filtering systems to see if a detoxification program would be beneficial for you.

Poor Digestive Detoxification Filter Checklist bloating, gas, reflux, heartburn, indigestion of fullness after eating, abdominal cramps, tired after eating, burping, belching, skin disorders, sinus, hayfever, bad breath, bad body odour.

Poor Liver Detoxification Filter Checklist  mood swings, anger, irritability, depression, fatigue, headaches, dry skin/hair, muscle aches and pains, sighing, tired/gritty eyes, poor vision and or spots in field of vision, poor memory recall, brain fog.

Poor Immune Detoxification Filter Checklist  infections, slow healing wounds, allergies, inflammation, eczema, warts, cold sores, swelling of joints, bleeding gums, bruise easily, swelling in lymph glands.

Poor Kidney Detoxification Filter Checklist – lower back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, fluid retention, damaged knees, bone spurs, tinnitus, large amounts of ear wax, snorer, gout, vertigo, strong smelling urine, bladder or kidney infections.

Detoxification Programs Available Online!

Digestive System Detoxification Program - your digestive system has many roles. It is one of your first lines of defence from the invasion of bacteria, viruses, poisons and toxins. The strength of your digestive system determines the amount of nutrients you are able to absorb from your diet. Your digestive system is home to 70-80% of your immune cells as well as being the major elimination organ removing the majority of waste from your body…..Details

Liver Detoxification Program - your liver is your body’s V8 engine. Besides detoxifying poisons, debris and used hormones from your blood, your liver is involved in over 13,000 different chemical and enzyme reactions in your body. It manufactures cholesterol and regulates your blood sugar levels, it converts vitamins and amino acids into useable forms for your body and it produces bile to break down fat from your diet and as a means to remove toxins. Your liver has a hand in almost every body process so it’s no wonder your health suffers when your liver becomes tired, sluggish and does not function at its optimal level….Details

Immune System Detoxification Program - your immune system is your number one defence system. Just like antivirus software protects your computer, your immune system is responsible for protecting you from attack and invasion from many different forms of microbes, bacteria, viruses, parasites, worms, fungal spores, allergies and amoeba’s.

Not only does your immune system protect you from outside invasion but it also protects you from itself. If you suffer from an auto-immune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, or Hashimoto’s disease your immune system is actually out of control and attacking various parts of your body causing you pain and disease. Your immune system also plays a major role in protecting you from inflammation which is the driving force behind all disease….Details

Kidney Detoxification Program - your kidneys are the forgotten detoxification organ and are much underestimated in the job they do in; removing toxins, regulating fluid levels and blood pressure, helping to create new red blood cells, producing hormones and manufacturing calcitrol (vitamin D) and creatine. Excess salt, ammonia, aluminium, urea and uric acid are all removed from your body via your kidneys…..Details

'The doctor of the future will
no longer treat the human
frame with drugs, but rather
will cure and prevent
disease with nutrition'

Thomas Edison

Detoxification Programs

'Just because you're not sick
doesn't mean you're healthy'

Author Unknown

Detoxification Programs