Do You Suffer from Poor Digestive Health, Digestive Problems or Digestive Disorders?

The following symptoms may indicate that you suffer from digestive problems.

If you suffer from FOUR or more of these gastrointestinal symptoms you may benefit from a digestive system detox.

Afternoon fatigue   Anti-inflammatory use   Antibiotic use 
Aspirin, nurofen/ibuprofen use (1 month or longer in the last 2 years) *   Athletes foot, ringworm or any other chronic fungal infections skin or nails   Bad body odour
Bad breath   Birth control pill for two years or longer   Bloating
Burping, belching   Chronic cough   Constant worry
Constipated   Crave breads, sweets, sugar or alcohol   Diarrhoea
Diverticulitis   Dysbiosis   Fibre causes constipation
Flatulence, wind, gas   Frequent or urgent urination   Gas – 30 minutes after food
Hay fever   Headaches if don’t eat at regular times   Indigestion or fullness that lasts 2-4 hours after eating
Irritable bowel syndrome   Light headed   Long term antibiotic use
Loose stools   Metallic, sour taste in mouth   Mucous in stools
Nausea   Painful difficult bowel movements   Reflux or heartburn
Rumbling noise in stomach   Sinus   Skin disorders
Smelly, rancid stools or gas   Specific foods causes indigestion, bloating, diarrhoea or gas   Sudden hunger
Tired after eating food   Undigested food in stool   Yellowish or greenish stool

* can cause leaky gut syndrome which dramatically upsets your digestive filter

* can cause an imbalance in your beneficial gut bacteria


Poor digestive health, as seen in the gastrointestinal symptoms above, can lead to digestive disorders and result in reduced nutrient absorption and waste removal. This can lead to and exacerbate many types of illnesses and diseases. Doing a digestive detox can dramatically improve many of the gastrointestinal symptoms mentioned here and improve your overall digestive health, which in turn improves your long term health.

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