Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Treatment

You may have experienced times in your life when your emotional state has caused you much distress. What you may not know is that your emotional state can also be a root cause of your current health issue(s). Your emotions are powerful messengers that can switch on or off various hormones, enzymes or immune cells. They can also increase or decrease specific body secretions as well as many chemical messengers in your brain. It is not uncommon for your emotional issues to be a driving force behind your ill health as can be seen in our emotional links to health complaints page.

What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

EFT is the ‘needle free’ equivalent of acupuncture but working on your emotions. It is based on the discoveries that there is indeed a connection between your body’s subtle energies (meridians), your emotions and your health.

What can Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) do for me?

EFT can quickly realign any emotional imbalances in your meridians. These are the storage areas for your negative memories, emotions and thought patterns. By using EFT you are able to disconnect the emotional attachment to your illness which allows healing to take place in your body and rebalances your conscious and sub-conscious thought patterns.

Why is releasing my emotional issues so important for healing my health concern?

Natural healers and ancient cultures know and believe in the concept of a healthy mind, body and spirit and that an imbalance in any one of these areas will cause disease or poor health. Emotional issues can dramatically slow down your healing process.

An analogy that can highlight the role emotions play on your body is this; Imagine yourself in the 400 metre Olympic final, either side of you are the 2 fastest people in the world. Their lanes have no obstacles, but yours has 2 feet of snow. They have nothing holding them back, but you have a rope connected to a 100kg rock tied around your waist. The chances of you getting to the finishing line before the day is over are remote.

The snow and rock represent the emotional issues for you (the runner in this case) and these emotions will slow you down immensely. The same rule applies for your subconscious emotional attachment to your disease. Your emotional issues can make your healing process hard work. Release your emotions and you dramatically increase your chances of allowing your body to heal itself.

I don’t have a current health issue but can Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) benefit me in any other way?

Yes, EFT can be used for any emotional issue that you may have. For example EFT works very effectively in treating phobias, fears, addictions, depression, pain, weight loss, trauma, abuse, improving performance, reducing stress associated with exams, sporting endeavours, public speaking…..the list is endless.

'Health is a state of complete
physical, mental and social
wellbeing and not merely
the absence of disease
or infirmity'

World Health Organisation 1948