Food Sensitivity Testing - Food Intolerance Test


The food sensitivity testing also known as a Food Intolerance Test and Food Allergy Test is used to determine which foods, beverages and personal hygiene products are not compatible with your body. The results from the Food Sensitivity Test maybe the missing link to your underlying health issues. This makes sense since you consume food and beverages every day and as the saying goes 'one mans food is another mans poison' so why not rule them out as a possible cause to your allergies or other health problems.

Food sensitivity testing can be helpful for any health complaint or as a part of your personal wellness plan. If you suffer from health ailments such as allergies, digestive disturbances, headaches or skin rashes you may find Bio-Co Food Sensitivity Testing to be highly beneficial. The Bio-Co food sensitivity testing is a quick, simple, pain free test that requires only a small sample of your hair.

What is Bio Compatibility Food Sensitivity Testing?

Bio-Co Food Sensitivity Testing is performed in a laboratory with technology that is based on quantum physics and incorporates the principals of EAV, radionics and homeopathy.

By using just a small sample of your hair the Bio-Co Food Sensitivity Test is able to identify substances that are causing a negative reaction in your body.

By eliminating from your diet the offending foods or beverages that have been identified by the Bio-Co Food Sensitivity Test, you may find that your allergy or other health complaint symptoms improve and even disappear. In a lot of cases it can be as easy as that!

What food and drinks are tested in the Food Sensitivity Test?

Bio-Co Food Sensitivity Testing tests your compatibility to 500 foods and beverages. Unfortunately it is not possible to test for every item available in supermarkets but the list of 500+ items provides a good cross section of different food groups and brands that are available and suit most people. The food sensitivities test not only signals the foods you are not compatible with but also highlights the foods that are safe for you to consume and use.

Once the Bio-Co Food Sensitivity Testing has been completed, a comprehensive report will be forwarded to you which explains your Food Sensitivity Test results and tells you which foods and drinks to avoid, as well as which foods are safe for you to eat.

How long does it take before I will notice any benefits?

Generally you can expect to see a significant improvement in your health issues within the first 4 weeks after eliminating the offending items from your diet. However, to gain maximum improvement you need to avoid any offending foods for at least 6 months. This gives your immune system the time it needs to repair and re-balance itself against the items identified in your Bio-Co Food Sensitivity Testing Report. Re-introduction of these items before the 6 months period is completed may also result in a severe reaction to those items.

It is advisable to be retested for food sensitivities after the 6 months period to check if the offending items are still not compatible with you. If this is the case, it may mean you need to avoid these item(s) altogether.

NB. If after 4 weeks you show no improvement in your symptoms, it may indicate that your health issues are not diet based and therefore caused by an underlying problem. If this is the case, we suggest you make an appointment to have this investigated properly, so the correct health treatment plan can be arranged for you.

Do I need a consultation to have a Bio-Co Food Sensitivity Test?

No. Whilst this type of food sensitivity testing may be recommended to you as a patient through our clinic, it is also available to anyone to purchase online without a consultation. Just follow the instructions below to order your test kit and once your hair sample is received your test results will be forwarded to you within 2 weeks.

How much does the Bio Compatibility Food Sensitivity Testing cost?


The Food Sensitivity Test includes the test, postage and a comprehensive Bio-Co Food Sensitivity Testing Report. Once we receive your Food Sensitivitiy Test results from pathology we will analyse them and provide you with a personalised food sensitivity test treatment plan. The food sensitivities treatment plan contains lifestyle and dietary advice, strategies to address any underlying causes, recommended nutritional supplementation advice to balance the underlying causes of allergies and food intolerance.

The initial Bio-Co Food Sensitivity Testing costs $245.55

The 6 month Bio-Co Food Sensitivity Re-Test costs $197.45

How do I order a Bio-Co Food Sensitivity Testing online?

Just visit our store and purchase the Bio-Compatibility Food Sensitivity Test Kit. The test kit contains instructions and a request form for you to complete and send to us along with your hair sample.