Diseases And Conditions


We treat patients with a host of health issues ranging from minor conditions such as colds and flu’s, headaches, arthritis, allergies and high cholesterol to more serious conditions such as ADD/ADHD, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Here you will find detailed information on various health complaints and a list of the health issues we commonly treat through our centre for your reference. However, if your problem in not listed it does not mean we are unable to help you. There are so many illnesses and diseases it is just impractical to list them all. So if your complaint is not listed please call us and we will be happy to discuss your health issue. You can make an appointment at our clinic or online via skype for most types of consultations. 

Once we have identified the underlying cause for your health complaint we can then design a healthcare plan specifically designed for your body to repair and rebalance itself so you can once again enjoy the benefits of good health.

Health Issues Information

For the diseases and conditions listed below simply click on any health issue highlighted in green for further information specific to that complaint. We will be providing details for all listed health issues over time.

Other Programs & Products Available Online

Please also check out our other health solution sections below for treatment of various health complaints. These programs and products are all available for purchase through our online store;

Detoxification Programs - especially designed to cleanse and restore we have programs available for your digestive system, liver, immune system and kidneys .....learn more

Greg Newson's Nutritional Foods - this range of products are specifically formulated by our Naturopath Greg and are suitable for everyday balance and support of your body .....learn more

Supplement Packs - various nutritional product packs are available for common health complaints such as Allergies, Colds & Flu's, Leaky Gut Syndrome etc ....learn more

'He who enjoys good
health is rich though
he knows it not

Italian Proverb

'A man too busy to take care
of his health is like a
mechanic too busy
to take care
of his tools'

Spanish Proverb