Boost Your Immune System With Our Immune Detox Pack

Boosting the immune system involves improving the overall function of your immune system and increasing immune strength. Boosting the immune system naturally may increase your resistance to bacterial, viral, parasitic and other infections, reduce your sensitivity to allergenic reactions, decrease your body's inflammatory response and increase your antioxidant defence system. It will provide you with a healthy immune system and help to balance your overall health thereby reducing the potential for a low immune system to turn on itself or body organs resulting in auto-immune disorders.

The desired result of boosting the immune system is to build more robust health and provide you with a strong immune system.

What changes should I notice after I boost the immune system?

The results from boosting immunity varies from person to person but you may notice a reduction in the symptoms associated with a low immune system. For example you may experience a reduction in colds, flu's, infections, swelling of your lymphatic glands, allergenic reactions, joint swelling, inflammation, fungal and skin rashes and an increase in energy levels.

What does the Immune Detox Pack include and cost?

Our Immune Detox Pack contains;

  • The Immune System Detoxification Guide – This guide provides step by step instructions on how to boost the immune system naturally and provides you with an overview on immune detoxification with step by step instructions on how to follow this program. It also provides you with a list of foods to include and exclude to help build the immune system as well as a section on suggested lifestyle changes including exercise advice to help you get the best results out of this program and regain a healthy immune system.
  • Nutritional Supplements - A selection of highly effective and high quality herbal tonics, powders and capsules designed to provide you with a strong immune system.

The nutritional supplements provided in the Immune Detox Pack will last the full 4 weeks of the program using the recommended dosages supplied.

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Please Note: This program is designed to boost immune function and if you suffer from the symptoms of a low immune system you may need to spend a longer amount of time on our Immune Boost Program. Alternatively you can make an appointment for a consultation at our clinic or online (via skype) to ensure your health problems are treated correctly under the guidance of a qualified practitioner.