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Our Liver Detoxification Program is split into two stages;

The first stage of your liver detoxification program involves improving your liver’s overall function, energy and its ability to produce bile.

The second stage involves improving your liver’s detoxification pathways which remove toxins from your blood. These toxins are mixed with bile and removed into your gastrointestinal tract where they bind with fibre which enhances their removal from your body. These phases are done separately.

The desired result of your liver detoxification program is to improve the efficiency of your liver function and its ability to cleanse your blood.

What changes should I notice after a Liver detox?

This as with all liver detoxification programs varies from person to person but you may notice a reduction in the symptoms associated with a poor functioning liver. For example you may feel more alive, have better moods, notice an improvement in memory and concentration, lose weight, sleep better and have a reduction in muscle and joint pain.

What does the Liver Detox Program include and cost?
The Liver Detoxification Program contains;

  • The Liver Detoxification Guide – This guide provides you with an overview on detoxification with step by step instructions on how to follow this program. It also provides you with a list of foods to include and exclude to improve your liver function as well as a section on suggested lifestyle changes including exercise advice to help you get the best results out of this program.
  • Nutritional Supplements – A selection of highly effective and top quality herbal tonics, powders and capsules.

The nutritional supplements provided will last the full 7 weeks of the program or more using the recommended dosages supplied in our Liver Detox Pack.

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Please Note: This program is designed to be a spring clean and if you suffer from many of the symptoms of a poor functioning Liver you may need to spend twice the amount of time on this program. Alternatively you can make an appointment for a consultation at our clinic or online (via skype) to ensure your health problems are treated correctly under the guidance of a qualified practitioner.