Melatonin Test - Melatonin Saliva Test


The Melatonin Test also know as the Melatonin Saliva Test is an accurate medical test that measures night time melatonin and cortisol levels. Melatonin Testing is essential for anyone suffering from insomnia or accelerated ageing. Melatonin is a hormone produce mainly by the pineal gland and to a lesser extent the retina of the eye, the intestinal enterochromaffin cells and the immune mast and lymphocyte cells. The health benefits of melatonin are vast ranging from cardiovascular health, anti ageing, diabetic nephropathy through to macular degeneration and cancer. Melatonin Testing gives not only gives an accurate indication of levels, but is an essential marker of future health.  

Health Conditions Associated With Melatonin Deficiency

Melatonin deficiency is not only associated with insomnia but a wide variety of health conditions such as;

   Accelerated aging
   Jet lag
   Angina    Macular degeneration
   Asthma    Migraines
   Alzheimer's disease
   Cancer    Oxidative stress
   Parkinson's disease
   Fatty liver    Periodontal disease
   Gastric ulcer
   Sudden infant death syndrome
   Heart attack
   Ulcerative colitis
   Irritable bowel syndrome


How much does the Melatonin Test cost?


The Melatonin Test includes a full set of instructions and all equipment to provide a urine sample for testing. Return express post of the Inflammatory Markers Test is including to our testing laboratory ( Australian residence only)

Online Melatonin Test $105.95 plus Postage




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Melatonin Test

Melatonin Test
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