Nutrition is the use of foods and liquids which are needed by your body to keep you alive. Without proper nutrition your body cannot remain in a state of good health and disease will occur.

For example; if you ate a lot of takeaway foods, with minimal fruit and vegetables and drank primarily cola drinks with minimal water, you would dramatically increase your risk of obesity and diabetes whilst also increasing your chances of dying from a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and cancer. Not to mention the poor quality of life you may endure whilst you slowly starve yourself of its life giving foods.

Nutrient rich foods are packed with life giving goodness that nourish and support your body and help it maintain good health and longevity.

What foods are considered beneficial or bad to my health?

Any food that is a living food and has been grown from the ground or eaten from the ground is of vital importance to your health. Examples of good food choices are; all fruits, vegetables, sprouts, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, legumes, pulses, eggs, lean animal protein, herbs and water. These foods are nutrient rich foods which support and nurture your body through life.

Poor food choices include; any pre-packaged, pre-made, takeaway foods, white flour products, refined sugar products, sweets (candy) and soft drinks (soda). These foods generally contain excess amounts of preservatives, artificial flavourings, additives, artificial sweeteners, excess sugar and salt and are nutrient dead foods. These types of foods are toxic to your body, they can impair your detoxification organs and greatly contribute to your demise and poor health.

Why is proper Nutrition so important to my health?

Every cell in your body needs specific nutrients to function properly and without these nutrients your cells go from being in a state of good health to a state of poor health.

Once your cells become unhealthy they affect your surrounding cells, which in turn spreads throughout your body creating illness and disease. This is much like a bruise on an apple which can eventually cause the whole apple to become rotten.

What can proper Nutrition do for me?

Nutrition can nourish your body, allowing it to gently repair the damage that's been done to your cells while greatly improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Replacing the toxic foods in your diet can help your body in a number of ways; it can help you lose weight, improve your body’s ability to remove poisons, reduce your stress levels, decrease your allergies and reduce pain.

The upside to improving your nutritional status is an increase in your energy levels and your overall health. You may also notice an improvement in your skin, hair and nails which are all outward signs that your body’s health is improving.

Does Nutrition just involve diet?

Yes it can, but if your health is poor then you may need nutritional supplementation such as herbs (which are foods anyway), vitamins, minerals and/or amino acids to assist your body in healing itself. These nutritional supplements do not need to be taken for long periods of time as once your initial health issue(s) improves, diet and various lifestyle changes may be all that is needed to keep you healthy.

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Is nutrition only used to improve my health problems?

No, nutrition can benefit many areas of your life such as to; help you build muscle, lose fat, improve your sporting ability, increase your concentration and improve your sleeping patterns. Since nutrition benefits every cell in your body it has the ability to help you with anything to do with your body.

Nutrient Rich Food Guide  

This guide is FREE for you to download (PDF file 206KB). It is a small reference list of 200 nutrient rich foods which you should try to incorporate into your diet for health and wellbeing. Just click on the link below and enjoy!

Nutrient Rich Food Guide

'You are what you eat'

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
1755 – 1826

'Let your food be your
medicine, and your medicine
be your food'

Hippocrates 460 BC – 370 BC
Father of Medicine