Online Naturopathic Consultation

We understand that due to distances and people's busy lives, that it may be difficult to come and see us at our clinic. However thanks to modern technology, there are various consultation options available to alleviate the need to physically visit the Vitality and Wellness Centre. 

We offer online consultations via Skype, FaceTime or by Phone allowing you to have your health issues dealt with in the convenience of your own home or office.

Is there any difference between a Clinic Consultation and other Online Consultation Options?

Skype, FaceTime or Phone Consultations are no different to an in-clinic consultation, with the one exception of not being physically present at our location. You can still expect to receive the same exceptional level of care and treatment advice on health matters, diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplementation.

With any type of Vitality and Wellness Consultation there are various health forms and questionnaires required prior to the first initial consultation. This gives us a greater understanding of a persons health needs and allows us to better tailor a more effective form of treatment.

What are the costs involved for an Online Consultation?

Please refer to our store for the costs associated with our Online Consultations.

Please Note:

  • The cost of recommended nutritional supplements is in addition to your consultation fee
  • Full payment of your consultation fee is required prior to your appointment


As a Vitality and Wellness patient you will also be given the option to subscribe to our Health Focus Newsletter for FREE. This regular issue provides information on health including dietary and lifestyle advice. We believe that ongoing education will provide the necessary knowledge you need to make informed choices in the future to improve and maintain your health and vitality.

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