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  • BioCeuticals Paracea Forte

    BioCeuticals Paracea Forte

    $27.95 (inc GST)

    $25.41 (exc GST)

    BioCeuticals Paracea Forte Capsules

    BioCeuticals Paracea Forte
    has been upgraded to include standardised herbal extracts including Chinese wormwood, barberry and ginger with the addition of black walnut, grapefruit and clove. Chinese wormwood is used in traditional Chinese medicine, and black walnut is used traditionally in western herbal medicine (WHM), for the removal of gastrointestinal worms. Barberry is used in traditional WHM as an antimicrobial and to aid digestion, and clove is known for its antimicrobial activity in vitro. Ginger may also aid digestion and assist in the relief of nausea.

    BioCeuticals Paracea Forte may assist with;

    - Stimulating digestive function.

    - Dysbiosis

    BioCeuticals Paracea Forte Pack Size: 60 Capsules

    Ingredients: Each BioCeuticals Paracea Forte capsule contains;

    Herbal extracts standardised equiv. to dry:

    Artemisia annua (Chinese wormwood) herb


    equiv. to artemisinin


    equiv. to thujone


    Berberis vulgaris (barberry) root


    equiv. to berberine


    Zingiber officinale (ginger) root


    equiv. to gingerols calculated as gingerol-[6]


    Herbal extracts equiv. to dry:

    Juglans nigra (black walnut) fruit hull


    Citrus x paradisi (grapefruit) fruit



    Clove powder


    equiv. to volatile oil


    BioCeuticals Paracea Forte Contra-indications:

    BioCeuticals Paracea Forte is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women.

    The active ingredients in BioCeuticals Paracea Forte when professionally prescribed may assist patients suffering from specific conditions.

    This statement does not imply or make a claim for a cure for disorders treated with BioCeuticals Paracea Forte and therefore its use should be based on published scientific and clinical data.

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