Pyroluria Treatment Plan

Many people who have been diagnosed with Pyroluria, Pyrrole Disorder or Kryptopyrroles including Borderline Pyroluria are unsure of what to do next. To help people like you, our resident naturopath Greg Newson has compiled a downloadable PDF Treatment Plan (16 pages) that provides you with all the information you need to get your health back on track and feel well again.

This treatment plan is what Greg uses everyday in his clinic to treat patients with this condition and it advises you of what nutritional supplements and dosages you need. It also encompasses all the known aspects that can contribute to elevated HPL levels such as diet and lifestyle, digestion, heavy metal exposure, stress and Leaky Gut Syndrome. To help you further a 10 minute MP3 audio presentation by Greg Newson is included in the download that further explains this Pyroluria Treatment Plan.

For many people diagnosed with Pyroluria, your symptoms and elevated HPL levels can be caused due to genetic factors. For other people it can have nothing to do with genetics and is due to various other factors. Either way you can dramatically improve your symptoms and elevated HPL levels by making some basic lifestyle adjustments as outlined in our Pyroluria Treatment Plan. 

What Treatment Plans Are Available?

Please select the appropriate Pyroluria Treatment Plan below based on your test results

NOTE: Use the CHILD Treatment Plan for persons 3 to 15 years of age

The Pyroluria Treatment Plan consists of downloadable files (PDF & Audio);

  • A Comprehensive Guide which details what nutritional supplements and dosages are required together with dietary and lifestyle recommendations. This plan also looks at other underlying factors that may be causing or contributing to this condition. Developed by Naturopath Greg Newson and used with patients everyday in his clinic for the successful treatment of Pyroluria (16 page PDF file).
  • An Audio mp3 File by Greg Newson explaining this treatment plan and how it can help you (running time approx 10 mins).

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