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Greg speaks regularly on local community radio station 88.9FM. Here you can listen to some of Greg's previous health segments on various topics.

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Greg discusses his top health tips for fighting cancer.

What is Alzheimer's, what causes it and Gregs recommendations for dealing with this condition.  

A discussion on smoking and what can help you or someone you know give up this addictive habit.

A discussion on what this syndrome is and what can cause it.

What can help with the symptoms of this condition.

Anxiety Attacks and natural alternatives to taking the drug Valium. Greg discusses the benefits of supplementing with magnesium, kava, theanine and using other stress reducing techniques such as deep breathing and identifying and managing your stressors.

What's the best one to take for pain relief and are there any natural alternatives?

Do we really need them?

Discussion on a new study that shows cholesterol lowering medications (statin drugs) may increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Pyroluria, Pyrrole Disorder, Kryptopyrroles - A discussion on what this health condition is, what causes it and Gregs recommendations for dealing with it.

Bi-Polar Disorder and Depression - an explanation of what this is, the causes and natural recommendations for dealing with these conditions. 

The causes and natural cures for Reflux.

The symptoms of Post Nasal Drip and what can be done to help this condition.

Irritable Bowel - what is it, what causes it and how can natural medicine help. 

To have or not to have....that is the question!

What is Diverticulitis and what can help with this condition. Discussion on diet and what to include and avoid for sufferers of Diverticulitis. 

What causes High Blood Pressure and what you can do to lower it.

Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease and the use of Turmeric. 
Ross River Fever - what can natural medicine do to help.

Are artificial sweeteners safe and what are some natural alternatives.
The side effects of taking Aspirin as a blood thinning agent and the use of Fish Oil as an alternative. Also discussion on Fish oil and mercury levels.

Antioxidants to counteract the effects of free radical damage and oxidative stress. 
A discussion on the benefits of taking Vitamin C including natural food sources and the best type of supplement to take.

Recovering after exercise and sporting games.
Thyroid function including its role in weight loss and hormone imbalance.

The connection between your liver and high cholesterol.
What the body uses cholesterol for.

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