Serotonin Test - Serotonin Levels Test


The Serotonin Test or Serotonin Levels Test is an exciting new medical test that accurately measures serotonin levels. Serotonin Testing is essential for anyone who sufferers from a mental health disorder. Why? Serotonin is one of your major relaxing and calming neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) and is implicated in the majority of mental health disorders. 

Many people present to their doctor with depression, mood disorders, anxiety or bi-polar disorder only to be given an anti depressant. Whereas these drugs can be of great benefit, they generally need to be taken for many years. Besides the potential side effects the underlying cause(s) never gets rectified.

Wouldn't it be a smarter option to measure serotonin levels? Serotonin Levels Testing is an easy morning urine sample, which is frozen overnight and sent off to the laboratory for testing.

Health Conditions Associated With Serotonin Deficiency

Serotonin deficiency is not only associated with a wide variety of mental health disorders, but other health conditions listed below.

   ADHD    Hypotension
   Aggressiveness    Insomnia
   Alcoholism    Mania
   Allergies    Menstrual headaches
   Alzheimer's disease
   Anxiety    Mood disorders
   Bulimia    Obsessive compulsive disorder
   Carbohydrate cravings

 Sleep disorders

 Tourette's syndrome

Health Conditions Associated With Excess Serotonin

Excess serotonin is serious and can be life threatening. A wide range of symptoms are associated with excess serotonin as listed below. 

 Loss of muscle coordination
   Agitation    Migraines
   Asthma    Nausea
   Confusion    Restlessness
   Diarrhoea    Seizures
   Dilated pupils
   Sensitive to pain
   Fever    Shivering
   Headaches    Uncoordinated
   Heavy sweating
   Irregular heartbeat    Vomiting

What's included in the Serotonin Test?

The Serotonin Levels Test includes a full set of instructions and all equipment required to provide your urine sample for testing. Return express post of your testing sample is included (for Australian residents) to our testing laboratory. 



How much does the Serotonin Levels Test cost?

Online Serotonin Test Kit: $99.25 plus postage.

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