Early Signs of Liver Damage

The following symptoms of liver dysfunction may indicate early signs of liver damage.

Poor liver function symptoms are a wake up call to let you know you have to address your livers health before more serious health complications occur.

Rectifying the signs of liver damage can help to rebalance your whole body's health and improve your wellbeing and longevity.

If you suffer from FOUR or more of these symptoms you may benefit from a liver detox.

- mood swings - waking between 1am and 3am and not being able to get    back to sleep
- angry (either displayed or repressed) - bags or circles under eyes
- irritable, frustrated, annoyed
- yellowish colour of skin and/or eyes
- depression - hives, boils, rashes or itchy skin
- muscle aches and pains - excessive mucous formation
- fatigue - swollen or discoloured tongue, gums or lips
- anxious - rapid or pounding heart
 - sighing - pain or aches in joints
- tired, gritty eyes - poor concentration
- poor vision and/or spots in field of vision - poor memory recall
- PMS - brain fog
- menopause symptoms - elevated ALP blood test
- high cholesterol and/or triglycerides - elevated GGT blood test
- headaches - elevated ALT blood test
- history of migraines - elevated AST blood test
- nausea - drinking on average more than 2 standard drinks per night *
- dizzy - binge drinking or waking with a hangover more than 4 times   last 12 months *
- weak knees - taking drugs *
- increased weight or fat - small amount of alcohol causes light headed or drunk feeling
- thyroid problems - does strong smells such as perfume, cigarette smoke or
  petrol cause irritation or worsening of symptoms
 - blood sugar highs and lows - poor liver function test in the last 12 months *
- insomnia - hepatitis *
- general feeling of poor health - cirrhosis *
- fatty foods cause nausea - fatty liver *
- dry flaky skin and/or hair - pain under the right rib or below right shoulder blade
- windy days cause irritation


*can impede the livers ability to filter and remove poisons from the blood

Your liver is a very busy organ and plays a major role in protecting you from everyday poisons. You can find out just how well your liver is detoxifying by having a liver detoxification function test.

This program is designed to assist your body in removing toxins & poisons from your cells.

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