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  • Candida Support Pack - Adult

    Candida Support Pack - Adult

    $369.11 (inc GST) $394.76

    $335.55 (exc GST)

    Candida Support Pack - Natural Treatment For Candida


    Candida Support Pack combines a unique blend of potent herbs and probiotics with the ability to destroy and contain candida overgrowth. The Candida Support Pack was designed by our team of naturopaths and is used in our clinic to successfully treat candida. Our Candida Support Pack forms part of our Candida Treatment Plan and is recommended after testing positive for Candida following a ‘Candida Test’.

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    Please Note:
     The Candida Support pack is only suitable for persons over 14 years of age.

    The Candida Support Pack Contains:

    2 x Candida Support Herbal Blend

    200ml Bottle

    2 x Pepperberry with Polygodial

    70 Capsules

    2 x SacchroBiotic

    60 Capsules

    2 x Dieback Support Herbal Blend

    200ml Bottle

    1 x Multibac 10

    75g Powder

    Is the Candida Support Pack effective?

    We believe so, as the majority of people who use the supplements provided in the Candida Support Pack, follow the dietary and lifestyle advice outlined in the  Candida Treatment plan  find that they are clear from Candida after 6 - 8 weeks. 

    How long do the nutrients in the Candida Support Pack last?

    The combination of the nutritional supplements provided in our Candida Support Pack will last 6 weeks, when taking the prescribed dosages. 

    Do I need to retest for Candida after finishing the Candida Support Pack supplements?

    We recommend Retesting after 6 weeks to gauge how treatment is progressing and if candida is still present. 

    Are there any side effects when using the Candida Support Pack supplements?


    For full details on the Candida Support Pack products including contraindications, interactions and cautions please click on the individual product names above.

    Please note: the Candida Support pack does not contain dosage recommendations. These are provided after purchasing our ‘Candida Test’ or downloading our ‘Candida Treatment Plan’ (PDF).

    The active ingredients in Candida Support Pack when professionally prescribed, may assist patients suffering from specific conditions.

    This statement does not imply or make a claim for a cure for disorders treated with the Candida Support Pack and therefore its use should be based on published scientific and clinical data.


    For More Information on Candida:

    Please refer to our website and product pages by clicking on the links below;

    Candida Test
    Candida Treatment Plan

    Candida Support

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