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  • Kidney Detox

    Kidney Detox

    $156.35 (inc GST) $203.90

    $142.14 (exc GST)

    Kidney Detox Pack

    Kidney Detox also known as a kidney flush or kidney cleanse is a 6 week program designed to assist and support your kidneys. A kidney detox may help to remove accumulated waste built up which in turn improves kidney filtering thus allowing proper kidney flushing to occur.

    Improving kidney detoxification pathways may help to 

    - Normalise kidney function

    - Reduce an accumulation of body fluids

    - Flush the kidneys

    - Improve snoring

    - Improve lower back discomfort

    - Assist with ringing in the ears

    - Kidney cleansing

    - Improve fatigue

    - Normalise the filtering ability of the kidneys

    - Improve the production of Vitamin D and Creatine

    - Improve the production of red blood cells

    - Assist with the removal of excess aluminium, ammonia, urea, salt and uric acid

    - Assist with the management of gout

    This statement does not imply or make a claim for a cure for disorders treated with Kidney Detox Pack and therefore its use should be based on published scientific and clinical data as well as traditional uses.

    Your Kidney Detox Pack contains:

    1. Quality nutritional supplements;

    Green Cleanse

    150g Powder

    Antioxidant Support

    150g Powder

    Kidney Support

    400ml Bottle 


    180g Powder

    These supplements will last the full 6 weeks of the program using the recommended dosages supplied in our Kidney Detox Pack.

    2. List of kidney detox foods to include/exclude whilst on the program which will improve your kidney function

    3. Suggested lifestyle changes including exercise advice

    4. A step by step Kidney Detox program guide

    For full details on these products including contra-indications, interactions and cautions please click on each product name above.

    Interactions or Cautions:

    Please note this Kidney Detox program is only suitable for adults 15 years and older

    For Further Information: 

    Please refer to our Health Solutions section - Kidney Detoxification Program

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