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  • Candida Treatment Plan

    Candida Treatment Plan

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    Candida Treatment Plan

    The downloadable Candida Treatment Plan is recommended for anyone who has tested positive for Candida and is unsure on how to proceed. The Candida Treatment Plan is NOT for those that have ordered a Candida Test via our website as your specialised Candida Treatment Plan will be sent with your Candida Test results.

    Please Note:
    This Candida Treatment Plan is only suitable for persons over 15 years of age.

    Candida Treatment Plan Contains:

    1. A comprehensive Candida Treatment Plan Guide (PDF) - developed by Naturopath Greg Newson, that provides the nutritional, dietary and lifestyle advice that Greg recommends to patients for the treatment of Candida.


    The Candida Treatment Plan includes a list of the recommended supplements, dosages, along with foods and beverages that help weaken and destroy Candida while nourishing the immune system. The Candida Treatment Plan contains lifestyle advice to prevent the re-occurrence of Candida and identifies damage Candida may cause and what can be done to repair it.  

    The above PDF also contains an Audio File by Greg Newson explaining this treatment plan and how it can help you (running time approx 8 minutes). 

    Please note the nutritional supplements recommended in the Candida Treatment Plan are available for purchase separately through this website.  

    2. Eating Right For Candida Recipe Booklet - with over 80 mouth watering, easy to make recipes using Candida friendly ingredients to assist the body in clearing Candida (92 page PDF)

    Candida Treatment Plan FAQ'S:

    Q. Can I order the Candida Treatment Plan without a consultation? 

    A. We are able to offer the Candida Treatment Plan to our web customers without the need of a consultation. Please note the Candida Treatment Plan recommends supplements used in our clinic and sold here on our website (Candida Support Pack) for the treatment of Candida. The Candida Treatment Plan provides the recommended dosages of our products as well as dietary and lifestyle advice. The Candida treatment Plan identifies underlying conditions commonly associated with Candida sufferers and how these issues should be addressed. 

    Please consider all of this before purchasing the Candida Treatment Plan as we do not offer refunds on downloadable products. If you would like professional help from a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist or Nutritionist for this or any other health condition, please contact us to arrange a Skype or Clinic Consultation.

    Q. How do I access the Candid Treatment Plan 'Downloadable Files'.

    A. Simply add the Candida Treatment Plan to your cart, after checkout an email confirming your order will be sent to you. Click on the blue Candida Treatment Plan product name in the email and download the file immediately. This will bring up a pop up window asking you to 'open' or 'save' the file (Candida Treatment We recommend you 'save' the Candida Treatment Plan files to your computer for future reference, making note where you saved it. Once the Candida Treatment Plan files have downloaded you should be able to automatically click on the folder (depending on your computer setup) to access each of the above files.  

    For More Candida Information:

    Please visit our Health Solutions section on Candida

    Please follow this link to order a Candida Test


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