Vitamin Supplement Brand Comparison

The following chart shows the nutritional panel for our Multivitamin SF88 & Multivitamin SF88 Plus  compared to other brands on the market today.

Nutrition Care SF88 Multivitamin

Nutrition Care SF88 Plus Multivitamin

Cenovis Multivitamin & Mineral


Beta Carotene 3mg 3mg X 1.2mg
Betain Hydrochloride 10mg X X X
Biotin 20mcg 150mcg X 150mcg
Boron X 1mg X X
Bromelains X 10mg X X
Calcium 10mg X 10mg 162mg
Chloride X X X 36.3mg
Choline Bitrate 50mg 50mg X X
Chromium X 50mcg X 25mcg
Citrus Bioflavoinoids X 30mg X X
Cobalt 25mcg X X X
Copper 6mcg (Copper Sulphate) 6mcg (Copper Gluconate) 1mg (Copper Sulphate) 1mg (Copper Oxide***)
Folic Acid 150mcg 400mcg X 200mcg
Hesperidin X 10.5mg X X
Inositol 25mg 25mg X X
Iodine X 40mcg 145mcg 100mcg
Iron X X 5mg (Ferrous Fumarate*) 4mg (Ferrous Fumarate*)
L-Glutamine 50mg 50mg X X
Lithium 140mcg X X X
Lysine 10mg 35mg X X
Magnesium 7.6g (Phosphate) 12mg (Phosphate) 36mg (Oxide**) 100mg(Oxide**)
Manganese 120mg 50mcg 100mcg 100mcg
Mixed Carotenoiods X 40mg X X
Molydbenum X 100mcg X 25mcg
Natural Mixed Tocopherols X 10mg X X
PABA 20mg X X X
Papain X 10mg X X
Phosphorous X X 7.7mg 125mg
Potassium 15.6mg 13.5mg 5mg 40mg
R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid X 20mg X X
Rutin X 10mg X X
Selenium X 25mcg X 25mcg
Skullcap 100mg X X X
Valerian 100mg X X X
Vitamin A 750IU 2500IU 1250IU 2000IU
Vitamin B1 50mg 100mg 10mg 1.7mg
Vitamin B12 100mcg 100mcg 2mcg 1mcg
Vitamin B2 20mg 20mg 10mg 1.6mg
Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide) 200mg 220mg 25mg 18mg
Vitamin B3 (Nicotinic Acid) 10mg 10mg X X
Vitamin B5 100mg 92mg 8mg 6.5mg
Vitamin B6 50mg 50mg 2mg 2.4mg
Vitamin C 50mg 100mg 75mg 60mg
Vitamin D3 100IU 200IU 400IU 200IU
Vitamin E 25IU 25IU 10IU 14.9IU
Vitamin K1 X X X 36mcg
Zinc 8.9mg (Zinc Chelate) 15mg (Zinc Chelate) 1.5mg (Zinc Oxide#) 5mg (Zinc Oxide#)



*Ferrous Fumarate – only 31% of orally-ingested Ferrous Fumarate is absorbed by the body. Ferrous Fumarate has been shown to inhibit Vitamin E absorption.

** Magnesium Oxide is not readily absorbed by the body, but with optimal levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach approximately 43% of Magnesium Oxide is absorbed. With poor levels of hydrochloric acid only allow 4% absorption. Magnesium Oxide causes diarrhoea in some people whereas Magnesium Phosphate is well absorbed.

*** Copper Oxide is a form of Copper that is poorly absorbed by the human body whereas Copper Sulphate and Gluconate are well absorbed.

#Zinc Oxide is poorly absorbed by the human body and is mainly used in sunscreens to prevent sunburn. Zinc Chelate is well absorbed by the human body.

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Information Compiled: April 2010