What Is Detoxification?

Detoxification is a natural process that occurs in your body on a regular basis. It is required by every cell to remove poisons or toxins before they cause damage to your body and increase your risk of disease or illness.

You have 4 main detoxification systems or organs which are;

  • Digestive System - which removes poisons via your faeces
  • Liver - which filters poisons, hormones and debris out of your blood
  • Immune System - which filters out bacteria, viruses, parasites, allergenic substances, amoeba's, fungal spores and worms
  • Kidneys - which filters poisons out via your urine

A better way to understand the role of your detoxification organs is to think of them as a filter. A filter's job is to trap particles and to prevent the particles moving from one compartment to another. Just like in your car there is a fuel filter which prevents dirty fuel from entering your car's engine. If you didn't replace your car's fuel filter when required the fuel filter would become clogged and allow dirty fuel to enter the engine. This would result in your car not running smoothly, or maybe not running at all, leaving you with some expensive repair bills.

Your detoxification organs are your body's filtering systems and if they are not able to work properly, toxins and poisons may build up in your body. This may eventually result in a number of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia or Parkinson's disease. Just as it makes sense to replace your car's fuel filter, it also makes sense to look after and nurture your own filtering systems. This will reduce the toxic load placed on your body and ensure a healthy future.

How do I know if my filtering systems are not functioning properly?

You body will always let you know if something is not right by presenting you with various signs and symptoms. Examples of poor functioning filtering systems are;

  • A poor functioning digestive filter may present as diarrhoea, constipation (not going to the toilet daily), bloating, reflux, gas or sinus.
  • A poor functioning liver filter may present as anger, mood swings, depression, fatigue, joint pain, poor concentration or high cholesterol.
  • A poor functioning immune filter may present as recurring colds, flu's, infections, slow healing wounds, allergies, auto-immune diseases or thrush.
  • A poor functioning kidney filter may present as ringing in the ears, excessive ear wax, lower back pain, arthritis or osteoporosis.

Does one poor functioning filter affect any of my other filters?

Yes, the order of your filtering systems are; your digestive system, liver, immune system and then your kidneys.

If you have a lot of signs and symptoms that indicate your liver filtering system is not functioning as efficiently as it should be, then generally you will find the first filtering system (digestive filter) is unable to cope with its toxic overload. These excess toxins then flow over and place an added stress on the next filtering system which in this case is your liver. So to help the body cope with the toxic overload in this case it would be advisable to detoxify your digestive filter first then follow up with a liver detoxification.

What does a detoxification involve?

Generally a detoxification program involves improving your diet such as eating more fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats, whole grains, legumes, pulses and beans whilst reducing the amount of refined white flour products, sugar, sugar products, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, deep fried foods, take away foods and caffeine products as well as minimising your exposure to chemicals.

Depending on the filtering system that needs detoxification you will also need the support of certain nutritional supplements to improve this process. These products generally include herbal mixtures, nutritional powders, tablets or capsules depending on the system involved.

Will I notice any change after I detoxify my body?

When you detoxify correctly your body's detoxification organs have the ability to function as they were designed to. You may notice an improvement in your presenting symptoms and feel an increase in energy and clarity of mind. The degree and time this takes depends on the amount of toxic build up in your body to start with.

How long does it take to improve the detoxification systems?

A general basic detoxification of the filtering systems usually takes 4 weeks each for the kidneys and immune systems and 6 weeks each for the liver and digestive systems. These detoxification programs are designed as a spring clean to keep your detoxification organs working efficiently. The more toxic build up you have, the longer the time required to properly detoxify the organ or system involved.

Should you have any health issues we strongly recommend you make an appointment so a personalised treatment plan can be created for you by a qualified practitioner.

What will I get when I purchase a detoxification program?

With each detoxification program you will receive the nutritional supplements that are required as well as a comprehensive list of foods to include/exclude to improve the detoxification system you have selected. You will also receive lifestyle suggestions including exercise advice to enhance your detoxification process. Each detoxification program pack will contain a set of instructions so you will know exactly what to do.

Should I find out what foods I'm allergic to before starting a detoxification program?

Yes, we strongly recommend you find out what foods are not compatible with your body by having a bio-compatibility food test. Foods can have a beneficial or negative effect on the body; if they have a negative effect they are of no benefit to you and can be causing part of your health problems. Allergenic foods will contribute to your toxic load and cause your filtering systems to function inefficiently.

Can anyone detoxify?

No, detoxification is not recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers, or people with chronic health conditions and children except under medical supervision.

Do I need to cut out meat?

No, protein provides your body with a full complement of amino acids which are vital for proper detoxification. The only types of meat that we suggest you cut out are the luncheon meats such as ham and devon and fatty meats such as salami and cabanossi.

Do I need to fast?

No, some cultures believe that fasting may be beneficial, but it has been show to actually slow down the detoxification process. Eating a nutritious diet has been shown to up-regulate your detoxification pathways thus aiding your body in removing excess toxins.

'If I'd known I was going
to live so long, I'd have taken
better care of myself'

Leon Eldred

'So many people spend
their health gaining wealth,
and then have to spend
their wealth to regain
their health'

A. J. Reb Materi

'The healthiest response
to life is joy'

Deepak Chopra