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A healthy digestive system relies on a nourishing diet, adequate nutrient absorption and a healthy ability to remove waste. A digestive detox or digestive cleanse is not as simple as colon cleansing or a bowel detox. Whereas a colon cleanse and bowel detox are beneficial, they primarily focus on the large intestine and are more of an intestinal cleanse rather than a proper digestive cleanse. Our digestive detox focuses on improving the whole digestive health starting with the diet and encompassing the stomach, the pancreas and their secretions while enhancing the ability of the small intestine to absorb nutrients and the colon to remove the waste.


Leaky Gut Syndrome Test

Leaky Gut Syndrome Test
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There are four phases involved in our digestive cleansing program;


The first phase involves cleaning out any unwanted bacterial, parasites, worms, fungal spores or pathogens that may reside within your gastrointestinal tract.

The second phase involves improving the amount of your beneficial gut bacteria, improving your stomach acid secretions as well as your digestive enzymes secretions. Improving these areas will result in better breakdown and absorption of your food.

The third phase involves repairing any damage to your gastrointestinal tract lining including leaky gut syndrome. This improvement will result in further enhancement of nutrient absorption, a dramatic reduction of toxic by-products passing into your blood stream and a greater ability for your body to remove waste more efficiently.

Note: The second and third phases can be done at the same time.

Intestinal Maintain

Intestinal Maintain
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The fourth phase is an ongoing maintenance phase which involves taking a prebiotic/fibre/intestinal maintenance supplement. You have invested time and money in obtaining a healthy digestive system so it would be a shame to let it all go now. Fibre and specific nutrients help to maintain your new digestive health, fibre is the major food source for your intestinal cells, it reduces your risk for bowel and breast cancer, removes any unwanted waste and poisons, lowers cholesterol and helps to proliferate the spread of beneficial gut bacteria.

The desired result of your digestive cleanse is to improve your digestive tracts ability to remove waste products more efficiently and to absorb nutrients more efficiently from your food. You will also notice an improvement in any leaky gut symptoms. Good digestive health is the basis of all health. Your digestive tract is where your body gets all the nutrients from your food and removes the bulk of your waste.

'A Healthy Gut = A Healthy Person'

What changes should I notice after my Digestive Detox?

As with all detoxification programs, results vary from person to person but you may notice a reduction in the symptoms associated with a poor functioning digestive system such as; flatulence, bloating, abdominal pain, burping, a reduction in allergic reactions, skin conditions, clearer thought, better moods, an improvement in bowel motions, heartburn and an increase in energy.

Digestive Detox Pack

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What does the Digestive Detox Pack include and cost?

The Digestive Detox Pack contains;
  • The Digestive Cleanse Guide –This guide provides you with an overview on detoxification with step by step instructions on how to follow this program. It also provides you with a list of foods to include and exclude to improve your digestive function as well as a section on suggested lifestyle changes including exercise advice to help you get the best results out of this program.
  • Nutritional Supplements – A selection of highly effective and top quality herbal tonics, powders and capsules.

The nutritional supplements provided will last the full 9 weeks of the program or more using the recommended dosages in our Digestive Detox Pack.


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Please Note: This digestive cleanse program is designed improve your digestive health. For some people suffering from many of the symptoms of poor digestive health or digestive disturbances may need to spend twice the amount of time on this program. Alternatively you can make an appointment for a consultation either at our clinic or online (via Skype) to ensure your health problems are treated correctly under the guidance of a qualified practitioner.