Amino acids are critical to all aspects of your health, they are the building blocks of life and are required by every cell in your body to function properly. An amino acid deficiency or excess can lead to a number of disease states, nutritional deficiencies, cellular malnourishment, accelerated ageing and an unfortunate premature death.

Symptoms of Amino Acid Deficiency or Excess

An amino acid deficiency or excess can cause various illnesses or diseasestates. Listed below are some of the more common diseases associated with an amino acid deficiency or imbalance:

   ADD    Hypertension
   ADHD    Hypotonia
   Alcoholism    Inflammatory disorders
   Allergies    Insomnia
   Ammonia Toxicity    Malnutrition
   Anxiety    Mental health issues
   Autism    Mental retardation
   Birth defects    Mood Swings
   Cardiovascular disease    Myopathies
   Chemical intolerances    Neural tubal defects
   Dermatitis    Ocular disorders 
   Dermatitis    Oxidative stress
   Fatigue    Poor bladder control
   Gastrointestinal disorders    Poor Liver detoxification
   Headaches    Vitamin & mineral deficiencies

The Amino Acid Test is a simple medical test that can identify any marginal amino acid deficiencies or excesses as well a variety of vitamin and mineral imbalances. The knowledge acquired from an amino acid test allows correct treatment to be implemented and rectify an abnormalities long before any major illness or disease may occur.

What is involved in the Amino Acid Test Kit?

The Amino Acid Test is a simple non-invasive test that requires a sample of your urine which is sent to pathology for analysis. The Amino Acid test requires a collection of urine over a complete 24 hour period, with a sample of this collection then being used for Amino Acid testing. A full set of instructions and any equipment required are provided in our Amino Acid Test Kit.

How much does the Amino Acid Test Kit cost?

The Amino Acid Test Kit includes a full set of instructions and all equipment to provide a urine sample for testing. Return express post of the Amino Acids Test is including to our testing laboratory ( Australian residence only)

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