Bio-Practica Hyperi-LIFT PLUS

Bio-Practica Hyperi-LIFT PLUS 60 Tablets

          • Hyperi-LIFT PLUS is specifically formulated using evidence-based nutrients and traditionally used herbs to support healthy mood and emotional balance.

            Bio-Practica Hyperi-LIFT PLUS May Assist With

            • Aids in the synthesis of neurotransmitters.
            • To maintain and support nervous system health.
            • Contains St John’s wort, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine for supporting healthy mood balance and general mental wellbeing.
            • Contains rhodiola, traditionally used in Asian & Eastern European herbal medicine to support mental function, decrease symptoms of stress & promote body adaptation to stress.
            • With zinc and vitamin B6 to support nervous system health & function.
            • Vegetarian and vegan friendly formula.

            Product Size:
            60 Tablets

            The active ingredients in Bio-Practica Hyperi-LIFT PLUS, when professionally prescribed, may assist patients suffering from specific health conditions.

            This statement does not imply or make a claim for a cure for disorders treated with Bio-Practica Hyperi-LIFT PLUS and therefore its use should be based on published scientific and clinical data as well as traditional uses.

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          • Bio-Practica Hyperi-LIFT PLUS Ingredients per capsule

            Hypericum perforatum (St John’s wort) dry extract 450mg
            derived from dry flowering herb top 2.7g
            Rhodiola rosea (Rhodiola) dry extract 75mg
            derived from dry root 600mg
            Magnolia liliflora (Magnolia) dry extract 50mg
            derived from dry flower 500mg
            Curcuma longa (Turmeric) dry extract 123mg
            derived from dry rhizome 2.462g
            Pyridoxal 5-phosphate monohydrate (vit. B6) 7.84mg
            Equiv. pyridoxine 5mg
            Zinc amino acid chelate 25mg
            Equiv. Zinc 5mg

            Bio-Practica Hyperi-LIFT PLUS contains no added wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy, egg, soy, nuts, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

            Bio-Practica Hyperi-LIFT PLUS does not contain SLS or magnesium stearate.

          • Contra-indications, Interactions or Cautions for Bio-Practica Hyperi-LIFT PLUS

                1. Do not use Bio-Practica Hyperi-LIFT PLUS if you have allergies to any of the ingredients.
                2. Bio-Practica Hyperi-LIFT PLUS contains St John’s wort. St John’s wort affects the way many prescription medicines work – including the oral contraceptive pill. Speak with your healthcare practitioner before taking.
                3. For all Cautions, Interactions or Contra-indications associated with Bio-Practica Hyperi-LIFT PLUS please contact your health care professional


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