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  • Designs For Health Whole Body Collagen
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Designs For Health Whole Body Collagen 375g Powder

  • Designs For Health Whole Body Collagen for healthy connective tissue in the body.

    Collagen is a major component of the human body, accounting for about 30% of total body protein. If you look closely at a collagen fibre, you would see that its structure is similar to that of a rope, with each individual fiber of collagen made up of many small fibres, called macrofibrils, all bound together. These macrofibrils are themselves made up of even tinier fibers called microfibrils, which account for the strong nature of collagen. Like a rope, collagen has great tensile strength and can be pulled without breaking. Collagen is crucial for mobile joints, stable bones, healthy muscles, strong ligaments and tendons, skin, hair and healthy finger nails. It is one of the primary structural proteins of connective tissue. Connective tissue plays an important role in the body by cushioning and hydrating, as well as binding and holding the various tissues in the human body together. Connective tissue also provides physical and mechanical support through the extensive extracellular matrix made up of predominantly collagenous, elastic and reticular fibres. Amongst the many types of connective tissues, those richest in collagenous fibres include loose and dense connective tissues such as tendons and the dermis of the skin respectively. Other types of connective tissue which contain large amounts of collagen include cartilage and bone.

    Collagen peptides are short-chain protein building blocks produced by hydrolysis of native collagen. Independent from their molecular weight, the bioavailable collagen fibre peptides are rapidly absorbed by the body. GELITA® Collagen Peptides have an amino acid and nutritional profile that are free from fat, sugar, cholesterol, purines and additives and offer a wide spectrum to be used in food applications, either in solid or liquid form. Even when tested for degradation in cooking, the GELITA® collagen peptides were found to be stable.

    Product Size: 375g Powder

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  • Designs For Health Whole Body Collagen Ingredients per 100g

    Energy 1,513kJ (361 kcal)
    Protein 90g
    VERISOL® 2.5g
    FORTIBONE ® 5g
    FORTIGEL ® 5g
    Fat 0g
    Saturated Fat 0g
    Carbohydrates 0g
    Sugar 0g
    Sodium (mg) 660mg
    Typical Amino Acid Composition of GELITA Collagen Peptides (Hydrolysate) g/100g**
    Alanine 8.6
    Arginine 7.3
    Aspartic Acid 5.8
    Glutamic Acid 10.2
    Glycine 22.5
    Histidine 1.0
    Hydroxyproline 11.9
    Isoleucine 1.4
    Leucine 2.7
    Methionine 0.9
    Phenylalanine 2.1
    Proline 12.7
    Serine 3.2
    Threonine 1.8
    Lysine 3.6
    Hydroxylysine 1.6
    Tyrosine 0.8
    Valine 2.4
    ** g amino acid per 100g crude protein (equal to % weight)

    Designs For Health Whole Body Collagen Excipients:


  • Designs For Health Whole Body Collagen - Contra-indications, Interactions or Cautions

    1. Do not use Designs For Health Whole Body Collagen if you have allergies to any of the ingredients.
    2. For all Cautions, Interactions or Contra-indications associated with Designs For Health Whole Body Collagen please contact your health care professional.

    The active ingredients in Designs For Health Whole Body Collagen, when professionally prescribed, may assist patients suffering from specific health conditions.

    This statement does not imply or make a claim for a cure for disorders treated with Designs For Health Whole Body Collagen and therefore its use should be based on published scientific and clinical data as well as traditional uses.

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