• Dysbiosis Test
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Dysbiosis Test Kit and Report

  • Dysbiosis Test Kit with Report

    The Dysbiosis Test accurately measures the species of beneficial gut flora and detrimental digestive pathogens. The Dysbiosis Test is a simple to do at home stool test that is sent to pathology for analysis. The Dysbiosis Test is made up from a CDSA Test and a faecal Multiplex PCR Test.

    Click here to view a sample of the CDSA Test Results.
    Click here to view a sample of the Multiplex PCR Test Results.

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  • Dysbiosis Test Kit Inclusions

        1. All the equipment required to complete the Dysbiosis Test.
        2. Free Shipping (Australia Only)
        3. A full set of instructions.
        4. Return Post delivery to our laboratory (for Australian Customers Only). All other countries will need to send their Dysbiosis Test sample back to our laboratory via their own country's express postal delivery services.
    • Collecting Your Dysbiosis Test Sample  - Overview

          1. Your test kit will include full instructions on how to collect your sample for testing.
          2. Before starting, please read the entire Dysbiosis Test instructions.
          3. The Dysbiosis Test is an easy 'do at home' test.
          4. Post in mail as per Dysbiosis Test instructions.
          5. Please note that any test sample sent back to Australia via an international courier service (i.e. FedEx, DHL) will be charged an additional $100 by Australians Customs. To avoid this fee we suggest sending all tests back to Australia via your country's express postal service and label the customs form as 'Health Test Kit'.

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      Bernie McAlister
      Reliable delivery

      Well it is rather difficult to give the product a rating, as it is a health test procedure. However; I'm rating the delivery and test instructions as good.

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