• Leaky Gut Treatment Plan
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Leaky Gut Treatment Plan

    • Leaky Gut Treatment Plan

      The Leaky Gut Treatment Plan is a comprehensive treatment protocol, developed by our Naturopath, Greg Newson. This treatment plan is what Greg uses in clinic for people suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome.

      This treatment is recommended for anyone who has tested positive for Leaky Gut Syndrome.

      The Leaky Gut Treatment Plan is recommended for teenagers aged 14 years and above and adults.

      Please refer to our Leaky Gut Support Pack if you wish to purchase this Treatment Plan and Supplements in a pack. 

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    • Leaky Gut Treatment Plan Includes:

      The Leaky Gut Treatment Plan is a downloadable 20 page PDF document that provides nutritional, dietary and lifestyle advice to help sufferers heal Leaky Gut.

      The treatment plan addresses underlying factors and health conditions that may also be contributing to or inhibiting the sufferer from effectively healing Leaky Gut Syndrome.

      Any products recommended in the Leaky Gut Treatment Plan are available to purchase separately through this website. 

    • Leaky Gut Frequently Asked Questions 

          1. Q. Do I need a consultation if I purchase the Leaky Gut Treatment Plan?
            A. No, we are able to offer the Leaky Gut Treatment Plan to our web customers without the need for a consultation. The treatment plan contains the same information you would receive if you were a patient visiting our clinic to heal Leaky Gut.

            Skype/FaceTime, Phone or In-Clinic Consultations are available should you require any assistance in treating Leaky Gut or any other health condition.

          2. Q. Are the nutritional supplements recommended in the Leaky Gut Treatment Plan available to purchase?
            A. Yes, the nutritional supplementation recommended in the Leaky Gut Treatment Plan are available to purchase on on our website. We recommend the economical Leaky Gut Support Pack, which contains all the nutritional supplements needed to heal Leaky Gut. These nutritional supplements are the same supplements we successfully use in clinic to help people heal from Leaky Gut Syndrome.

          3. Q. How do I access the 'Downloadable File' Leaky Gut Treatment Plan PDF?
            Simply purchase the Leaky Gut Treatment Plan and after checkout an email confirming 'your download is ready' will be sent to you. To immediately access your file, click on the download link within the email. This will take you to our website where you can click on the blue 'Download Now' button, to download your file. Once the download is completed, we suggest you save the file somewhere for future reference.

            Note: If you are having trouble locating the downloaded file on your computer, we suggest you do a search for the file name, or look in your computer 'downloads' folder.

            Please consider all of this before making your purchase as we do not offer refunds on downloadable products once purchased.

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