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What Is Nutrition?

Nutrition is the process of providing and or obtaining food that is necessary for our health and growth. Without proper nutrition, our body cannot remain in a state of good health, tissues breakdown and disease occurs.

A good example of poor nutrition is a person who eats takeaway, pre-made or preservative-laden foods, that's washed down with a black cola drink. This person is more prone to suffer from obesity, heart disease, inflammatory disorders, immune suppression, arthritis, diabetes and the Big C - Cancer.

Nutrient-rich foods are packed with life-giving vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients. These nourish and support all enzymatic processes along with the health of every cell and organ within the body. Nutrition helps the body maintain good health and energy, while promoting disease-free longevity.

What Type Of Foods Are Bad For Our Health?

It can be quite confusing deciding on whether a food is good or bad. The simple solution is, ask yourself these questions. Is the food I'm about to eat man-made, or does it come from nature? Has the nature food been processed by man? If the answer is that the food has been tainted by man, then there's an excellent chance it may be lacking in nutrients.

Below is an example of some dis-ease producing foods or additives that may not be ideal for promoting good health.

Artificial Sweeteners Lollies / Candy
Alcohol Pre-made and packaged foods
Biscuits / Cookies
Cakes Refined grains
Deli meats Refined salt
Foods with artificial colours Sugar
Foods with artificial flavours Soft drinks / Soda
Fried food White flour products

What Type Of Foods Are Good For Health?

Any food that is a living food and has been grown from the ground (not hydroponic) contain the essential nutrients vital to help nurture and nourish every living cell in the human body. Examples of natural foods are below;

Animal protein - Grass fed Pulses
Beans Seafood - Wild caught
Dairy - Grass fed Seaweed
Eggs - Organic or free range Seeds - Raw or sprouted
Fruit Sprouts
Herbs Vegetables
Legumes Water - Filtered
Nuts - Raw or sprouted Whole-grains 

Why Is Proper Nutrition So Important To Health?

Every cell in the body needs specific nutrients to function and without these nutrients, the cells go from being in a state of good health, to a state of poor health very quickly.

The more nutrient deficient the body becomes, the higher the number of unhealthy cells there are. When the number of unhealthy cells starts to outweigh the number of healthy cells, the disease process has begun. This effect is similar to that of a small bruise on an apple, which eventually turns the whole apple rotten.

What Does Proper Nutrition Do?

Foods high in nutrients nourish cells, making the cells robust and healthy. Also, nutrient-rich foods allow the body to heal and repair damaged cells and organs, shifting the body to move towards a state of health and longevity.

Replacing nutrient dead foods with foods high in abundant vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes benefits the body in several ways; by changing body composition, lowering inflammation and reducing pain, improving detoxification and reducing the stress that poor nutrition places on the body.

The upside of an improved nutritional status is an increase in energy, concentration and sleeping patterns. Outward signs of improved nutritional status include clearer skin, stronger hair and nails, changes in body shape and improved muscle mass.

Does Nutrition Just Involve Diet?

Yes, it can, but if a person's health is poor, then additional nutrition may be warranted. Supplements including herbs, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals give the body a supercharged hit, pushing it towards health quickly. Generally, these nutrients don't need to be taken for long periods and once health is achieved a good diet is what maintains it. Check out our NatroVital product range for recommended nutritional supplements. 

Nutrient Rich Food Guide 

We have put together a Nutrient Rich Food Guide, which contains over 200 foods that help increase the body's nutritional intake. The food guide is FREE for you to download, simply click on this link Nutrient Rich Food Guide.

The information provided here is of a general nature intended for educational purposes only. We make no claims to diagnose, treat, prevent, alleviate or cure illnesses or diseases with any information or product stated. With any health issue we suggest you consult your healthcare professional before undertaking any health treatment.

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