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Metagenics - Genetic Potential Through Genetics

Metagenics is recognised as al Leading Natural Health Science Company and innovators of Natural Health products.

Vitality and Wellness recommend Metagenics products as they are a premier supplier of natural medicines in Australia. Metagenics is committed to the highest quality of products, technical and clinical research, as well as comprehensive practitioner education. Metagenics has invested in cutting edge manufacturing technology and equipment in order to offer the highest quality Natural Medicines. Metagenics insist on using only the purest, most effective ingredients, resulting in products with superior quality and efficacy.

Metagenics products are available to purchase from Vitality and Wellness in one of the following ways:

  1. Email us a copy of your Metagenics prescription from your Health Care Practitioner
  2. Register as a customer and one of our practitioners will contact you to organise a consultation. During the consultation we will confirm the suitability of the Metagenics products for your condition and recommend any alternatives. We will take into consideration your symptoms, previous history, family history and any other medications or supplements that you are taking. 
Metagenics 500-C Methoxyflavone Sale
Metagenics 500-C Methoxyflavone
$34.85 $31.15
Metagenics Acetyl-L-Carnitine Sale
Metagenics Acetyl-L-Carnitine
$65.40 Sold Out
Metagenics Adaptan Sale
Metagenics Adaptan
$90.25 from $47.74
Metagenics ADEK Essentials Sale
Metagenics ADEK Essentials
$48.95 $46.20
Metagenics AdrenoTone Sale
Metagenics AdrenoTone
$83.50 Sold Out
Metagenics Alergenics Sale
Metagenics Alergenics
$81.90 Sold Out
Metagenics Alergeze Sale
Metagenics Alergeze
$58.65 Sold Out
Metagenics Andro NK Sale
Metagenics Andro NK
$46.45 $41.70
Metagenics AndroLift Sale
Metagenics AndroLift
$48.45 $46.20
Metagenics Arabino Guard Sale
Metagenics Arabino Guard
$49.90 $47.35
Metagenics Arthrex Sale
Metagenics Arthrex
$72.25 $68.40
Metagenics Bactrex Sale
Metagenics Bactrex
$48.45 $45.55
Metagenics Bio Absorb PEA Sale
Metagenics Bio Absorb PEA
$69.15 $64.65
Metagenics Bio Q-Absorb 150 Sale
Metagenics Bio Q-Absorb 150
$66.75 from $36.15
Metagenics Bio Q-Absorb Ubiquinol Sale
Metagenics Bio Q-Absorb Ubiquinol
$72.65 $67.10
Metagenics Bioflavonoids Plus C Sale
Metagenics Bioflavonoids Plus C
$34.85 $31.15
Metagenics BioPure Pea Protein Sale
Metagenics BioPure Pea Protein
$57.95 $53.30
Metagenics BioPure Whey Protein Sale
Metagenics BioPure Whey Protein
$63.25 $59.70
Metagenics Brahmi Tone Sale
Metagenics Brahmi Tone
$48.95 $46.20
Metagenics Broncho Tone Sale
Metagenics Broncho Tone
$39.55 $37.55
Metagenics C-Ultrascorb II Sale
Metagenics C-Ultrascorb II
$58.35 from $27.65
Metagenics C-Ultrascorb Tablets Sale
Metagenics C-Ultrascorb Tablets
$33.25 Sold Out
Metagenics Calcitite Osteo Sale
Metagenics Calcitite Osteo
$62.35 from $32.85
Metagenics Calcitite Osteo Powder Sale
Metagenics Calcitite Osteo Powder
$52.10 $49.35
Metagenics Calcitite Protect Sale
Metagenics Calcitite Protect
$56.50 from $30.30
Metagenics Calcium-D-Glucarate Sale
Metagenics Calcium-D-Glucarate
$86.35 Sold Out
Metagenics Calm Care For Kids Sale
Metagenics Calm Care For Kids
$43.00 Sold Out
Metagenics CalmX Raspberry Sale
Metagenics CalmX Raspberry
$87.55 from $47.10
Metagenics CalmX Tropical Sale
Metagenics CalmX Tropical
$87.55 from $47.10
Metagenics CardioX Sale
Metagenics CardioX
$87.55 from $47.10
Metagenics Cartrin Sale
Metagenics Cartrin
$175.55 from $75.05
Metagenics Cell Protect Sale
Metagenics Cell Protect
$60.95 $57.90
Metagenics Cholesstanol Sale
Metagenics Cholesstanol
$34.65 $32.50
Metagenics Collagenics Sale
Metagenics Collagenics
$30.45 $28.75
Metagenics Costat Sale
Metagenics Costat
$44.85 $42.75
Metagenics D-Ribose Sale
Metagenics D-Ribose
$89.65 $86.55
Metagenics Dermasoothe Lotion Sale
Metagenics Dermasoothe Lotion
$45.60 $42.75
Metagenics Digestex Sale
Metagenics Digestex
$37.25 $33.00
Metagenics Endura Sale
Metagenics Endura
$34.50 $31.55
Metagenics Endura Opti Sale
Metagenics Endura Opti
$91.55 $86.70
Metagenics EnergyX Chocolate Sale
Metagenics EnergyX Chocolate
$88.75 from $47.10
Metagenics EnergyX Tropical Sale
Metagenics EnergyX Tropical
$88.75 from $47.10
Metagenics Femme Oestroplex Sale
Metagenics Femme Oestroplex
$59.55 Sold Out
Metagenics FemmeX Sale
Metagenics FemmeX
$62.35 $57.90
Metagenics Fibroplex MagActive Powder Sale
Metagenics Fibroplex MagActive Powder
$90.50 from $51.10
Metagenics Fibroplex Plus Orange Sale
Metagenics Fibroplex Plus Orange
$91.95 Sold Out
Metagenics Fibroplex Plus Tropical Sale
Metagenics Fibroplex Plus Tropical
$91.95 from $49.45
Metagenics Five Mushroom Extract Sale
Metagenics Five Mushroom Extract
$57.65 $53.55
Metagenics Flora Care for Kids Sale
Metagenics Flora Care for Kids
$32.55 $28.90
Metagenics G-Tox Express Sale
Metagenics G-Tox Express
$79.65 $74.95
Metagenics Gastro AG Sale
Metagenics Gastro AG
$37.25 $34.30
Metagenics Gastro Aid Sale
Metagenics Gastro Aid
$49.65 $45.55
Metagenics Glutagenics Sale
Metagenics Glutagenics
$54.95 $49.45
Metagenics Glutathione Sale
Metagenics Glutathione
$35.65 Sold Out
Metagenics Glutathione Powder Sale
Metagenics Glutathione Powder
$64.85 $60.10
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