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Bio-Practica is an Australian owned practitioner only brand dedicated to empowering and supporting peoples health with innovative integrative and complementary therapeutic solutions. Bio-Practica believe in drawing upon all levels of available evidence – traditional use, clinical experience, robust scientific research – thereby developing a comprehensive, holistic approach to natural medicine, remaining at the forefront of healthcare solutions.

Vitality and Wellness recommend Bio-Practica products as they are dedicated to empowering peoples health. Bio-Practica is committed to the highest quality of products, technical and clinical research, as well as comprehensive practitioner education. Bio-Practica insist on using only the purest, most effective ingredients, resulting in products with superior quality and efficacy.

Bio-Practica products are available to purchase from Vitality and Wellness in one of the following ways:

  1. Email us a copy of your Bio-Practica prescription from your Health Care Practitioner
  2. Register as a customer and one of our practitioners will contact you to organise a consultation. During the consultation we will confirm the suitability of the Bio-Practica products for your condition and recommend any alternatives. We will take into consideration your symptoms, previous history, family history and any other medications or supplements that you are taking. 
Bio-Practica Adrenergy Forte Sale
Bio-Practica Adrenergy Forte
$62.70 $59.35
Bio-Practica Allium Complex Sale
Bio-Practica Allium Complex
$65.20 $58.50
Bio-Practica Basica ActivE Sale
Bio-Practica Basica ActivE
$64.20 $55.95
Bio-Practica Basica Vital Pure Sale
Bio-Practica Basica Vital Pure
$41.40 $37.80
Bio-Practica BioGaia Gastrus Sale
Bio-Practica BioGaia Gastrus
$47.60 $42.60
Bio-Practica BioGaia Prodentis Sale
Bio-Practica BioGaia Prodentis
$52.35 $47.50
Bio-Practica BioGaia Protectis Sale
Bio-Practica BioGaia Protectis
$111.15 from $35.05
Bio-Practica Colecalciferol D3 Sale
Bio-Practica Colecalciferol D3
$20.95 $16.90
Bio-Practica Femme FORTE N Sale
Bio-Practica Femme FORTE N
$49.95 $45.85
Bio-Practica ImmunePRO PLUS Sale
Bio-Practica ImmunePRO PLUS
$62.50 $57.55
Bio-Practica ImmunoSHIELD Sale
Bio-Practica ImmunoSHIELD
$76.55 $67.70
Bio-Practica MAGNESIUM Diasporal Sale
Bio-Practica MAGNESIUM Diasporal
$102.00 from $48.55
Bio-Practica NeurENERGY Sale
Bio-Practica NeurENERGY
$63.45 $56.80
Bio-Practica Neurexan Sale
Bio-Practica Neurexan
$56.75 $50.75
Bio-Practica PermaHEAL Sale
Bio-Practica PermaHEAL
$58.95 $54.00
Bio-Practica RejuvaCALM FORTE Sale
Bio-Practica RejuvaCALM FORTE
$62.25 $58.20
Bio-Practica RejuvaSLEEP FORTE Sale
Bio-Practica RejuvaSLEEP FORTE
$42.00 $38.00
Bio-Practica Thyro-HPA Forte Sale
Bio-Practica Thyro-HPA Forte
$49.30 $45.65
Bio-Practica Zinc CITRATE Sale
Bio-Practica Zinc CITRATE
$29.30 $25.25
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