What is Leaky Gut Syndrome 

Leaky Gut Syndrome is the deterioration or breakdown of your intestinal wall. When this occurs microscopic holes appear in either your large or small intestine, which allows intestinal bacteria, parasites, worms and their bi-products as well as allergens, undigested food particles, poisons, toxins and in severe cases faeces to pass into your bloodstream. These unwanted particles, once entered into your system, can cause or contribute to a myriad of health problems.  [read more]


What Causes Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome can be caused by a number of reasons, like: Ageing, antibiotics, caffeine, food additives, fungal overgrowths, low stomach acid, parasites, poor diet, stress, vaccinations and more.  [read more]


What Are Leaky Gut Syndrome Symptoms 

Many illnesses and health issues have been attributed to Leaky Gut Syndrome such as: Abdominal pain, acne, alcoholism, anxiety, autism, Crohn's disease, depression, fatigue, headaches, hives, insomnia, itchy skin, memory loss, poor growth, weight gain, joint pain and more.  [read more]


How To Heal Leaky gut Syndrome 

Before starting the process to heal Leaky Gut Syndrome, it's important that any underlying causes are identified and treated accordingly. Otherwise it can be an expensive and futile exercise with no real movement forward in reducing intestinal permeability. As a result of the many patients we have seen that have suffered from Leaky Gut Syndrome, some common factors have been identified that once treated, allow the healing of Leaky Gut Syndrome to progress smoothly. [read more]

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