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MediHerb was born from a desire for efficacious herbal therapy and is a leader in quality herbal and nutritional products. Mediherb has a genuine passion is too continually uphold the benchmark of quality, safety and efficacy in natural healthcare. Mediherb is committed to combine the time-honoured wisdom of traditional knowledge with sound clinical experience, the rigour of scientific research and power of education. 

Vitality and Wellness recommend Mediherb products as a premier supplier of herbal medicines in Australia. Mediherb is committed to the highest quality of products, technical and clinical research, as well as comprehensive practitioner education. Mediherb has invested in cutting edge manufacturing technology and equipment in order to offer the highest quality Natural Medicines. Mediherb insist on using only the purest, most effective ingredients, resulting in products with superior quality and efficacy.

Mediherb products are available to purchase from Vitality and Wellness in one of the following ways:

  1. Email us a copy of your Mediherb prescription from your Health Care Practitioner
  2. Register as a customer and one of our practitioners will contact you to organise a consultation. During the consultation we will confirm the suitability of the Mediherb products for your condition and recommend any alternatives. We will take into consideration your symptoms, previous history, family history and any other medications or supplements that you are taking. 
MediHerb Adrenal Complex Sale
MediHerb Adrenal Complex
$36.00 $31.80
MediHerb Albizia Complex Sale
MediHerb Albizia Complex
$30.30 $26.75
MediHerb Andrographis Complex Sale
MediHerb Andrographis Complex
$50.00 $46.40
MediHerb Astragalus Complex Sale
MediHerb Astragalus Complex
$55.00 $51.20
MediHerb Bacopa Complex Sale
MediHerb Bacopa Complex
$42.00 $39.05
MediHerb Bacto-Cand GI Sale
MediHerb Bacto-Cand GI
$49.00 Sold Out
MediHerb Bilberry Forte Sale
MediHerb Bilberry Forte
$49.00 $45.40
MediHerb Boswellia Complex Sale
MediHerb Boswellia Complex
$47.00 $43.75
MediHerb Broncafect Sale
MediHerb Broncafect
$61.00 $56.05
MediHerb Broncafect Liquid Sale
MediHerb Broncafect Liquid
$77.15 $72.20
MediHerb Cascara Complex Sale
MediHerb Cascara Complex
$57.00 $53.00
MediHerb Cat's Claw Forte Sale
MediHerb Cat's Claw Forte
$44.70 $41.85
MediHerb Chaste Tree Sale
MediHerb Chaste Tree
$37.00 $33.65
MediHerb Clivers Complex Sale
MediHerb Clivers Complex
$53.00 $49.20
MediHerb Coleus Forte Sale
MediHerb Coleus Forte
$43.00 $39.00
MediHerb Cramplex Sale
MediHerb Cramplex
$44.20 $40.20
MediHerb Cranberry Complex Sale
MediHerb Cranberry Complex
$63.50 $58.00
MediHerb Curcuma Active Sale
MediHerb Curcuma Active
$60.00 Sold Out
MediHerb Curcuma Forte & PEA Sale
MediHerb Curcuma Forte & PEA
$72.00 $64.25
MediHerb DiGest Forte Sale
MediHerb DiGest Forte
$45.40 $42.50
MediHerb Echinacea Premium Sale
MediHerb Echinacea Premium
$113.65 from $59.05
MediHerb EFA Essentials Sale
MediHerb EFA Essentials
$42.30 Sold Out
MediHerb Elderberry Sale
MediHerb Elderberry
$41.65 Sold Out
MediHerb EndoFem Sale
MediHerb EndoFem
$54.50 $50.20
MediHerb Evening Primrose Oil Sale
MediHerb Evening Primrose Oil
$53.40 Sold Out
MediHerb Everyday B Multi Sale
MediHerb Everyday B Multi
$76.75 from $37.85
MediHerb Fe-Max Sale
MediHerb Fe-Max
$32.25 $29.70
MediHerb Fe-Max Iron Tonic Sale
MediHerb Fe-Max Iron Tonic
$115.20 from $45.00
MediHerb FibroFem Sale
MediHerb FibroFem
$57.60 $53.00
MediHerb Garlic Forte Sale
MediHerb Garlic Forte
$47.20 Sold Out
MediHerb Ginkgo Forte Sale
MediHerb Ginkgo Forte
$37.60 $33.90
MediHerb GIT Regenex Sale
MediHerb GIT Regenex
$71.20 Sold Out
MediHerb Gluco Complex Sale
MediHerb Gluco Complex
$38.20 $34.80
MediHerb Golden Seal Sale
MediHerb Golden Seal
$93.85 $87.85
MediHerb Gymnema Sale
MediHerb Gymnema
$40.85 $37.30
MediHerb Hawthorn Sale
MediHerb Hawthorn
$49.00 $45.85
MediHerb Hemidesmus Complex Sale
MediHerb Hemidesmus Complex
$62.60 $57.65
MediHerb Herbal Throat Spray Sale
MediHerb Herbal Throat Spray
$23.45 $20.95
MediHerb HiPep Sale
MediHerb HiPep
$45.35 $42.45
MediHerb Horsechestnut Complex Sale
MediHerb Horsechestnut Complex
$61.00 $56.00
MediHerb Joint Defence Sale
MediHerb Joint Defence
$68.50 Sold Out
MediHerb Kava Sale
MediHerb Kava
$66.50 $61.35
MediHerb LivCo Sale
MediHerb LivCo
$46.05 $42.15
MediHerb Livton Complex Sale
MediHerb Livton Complex
$58.30 $53.60
MediHerb MediMag Calm Sale
MediHerb MediMag Calm
$105.75 $98.95
MediHerb Medimag Cognition Sale
MediHerb Medimag Cognition
$62.30 $57.35
MediHerb MediMag Powder Sale
MediHerb MediMag Powder
$50.90 $47.50
MediHerb MediMag Sleep Sale
MediHerb MediMag Sleep
$56.95 Sold Out
MediHerb MediMag Tablets Sale
MediHerb MediMag Tablets
$48.95 Sold Out
MediHerb Metabol Complex Sale
MediHerb Metabol Complex
$63.10 $59.05
MediHerb Methyl Factors Sale
MediHerb Methyl Factors
$54.75 $51.25
MediHerb Mushroom Forte Tablets Sale
MediHerb Mushroom Forte Tablets
$87.35 $81.70
MediHerb Myrrh Forte Sale
MediHerb Myrrh Forte
$33.95 $30.10
MediHerb N-acetylcysteine Sale
MediHerb N-acetylcysteine
$34.00 Sold Out
MediHerb Nervagesic Sale
MediHerb Nervagesic
$49.10 $45.90
MediHerb NeuroSom Sale
MediHerb NeuroSom
$57.65 $53.10
MediHerb Nevaton Forte Sale
MediHerb Nevaton Forte
$53.50 $49.45
MediHerb Omega 3 Clean Essentials Sale
MediHerb Omega 3 Clean Essentials
$52.40 Sold Out
MediHerb P2 Detox Sale
MediHerb P2 Detox
$60.60 $55.75
MediHerb PCO Support Sale
MediHerb PCO Support
$44.20 $40.40
MediHerb Phellodendron Forte Sale
MediHerb Phellodendron Forte
$53.10 $49.70
MediHerb PhytoRegenex Sale
MediHerb PhytoRegenex
$49.00 $45.30
MediHerb Poly-C Powder Sale
MediHerb Poly-C Powder
$54.70 $51.15
MediHerb PolyFem Sale
MediHerb PolyFem
$48.50 $45.35
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