• Anxiety and Depression Video
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Anxiety and Depression Video Series

    • Anxiety and Depression Digital Video Series 

      'A Spiritual and Naturopathic Discussion'

      Presented By:

      Greg Newson - Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist
      Gail Warwick- Spiritual Healer, Motivational Speaker and Psychic Medium

      In these video's Greg Newson and Gail Warwick join forces to deliver a powerful, unique and insightful presentation on Anxiety and Depression. Learn how you can avoid, manage and free yourself from the constraints of these debilitating health conditions.

      In this two-part digital video series you will gain an understanding of Anxiety and Depression from a nutritional, naturopathic and spiritual perspective. Gail and Greg discuss key points of mental illness along with providing practical advice and tips on how to avoid and overcome anxiety and depression.

      Areas of discussion include;

      • Why are Anxiety and Depression still taboo topics?
      • Recognising signs and symptoms in yourself and others
      • The value of self belief
      • The role nutrition and diet play in causing and exacerbating Anxiety and Depression
      • The importance self care
      • Serotonin and GABA deficiency
      • Positive steps to avoid the onset of Anxiety and Depression disorders

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    • Did You Know?

      Anxiety and Depression disorders are amongst the most common illnesses afflicting the global community. They are often left untreated due in part to a lack of resources, incorrect assessments and the unfortunate stigma that surrounds mental health.

      Almost half the population (45%) will experience a mental health disorder at some point in their life. Yet around 40% of people suffering from Anxiety or Depression do not seek treatment. (1)

      1. National survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing 2007. Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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      3. Approximate running time:
        Part 1 (Anxiety) - 48 minutes
        Part 2 (Depression) - 55 minutes
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Customer Reviews

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Kristi Lees
Great General Info

I've studied a lot on this topic already... I think I was hoping for more. A good general overview for people who may not already know the basics. Not as much supplemental help as I'd hoped for and no talk about the underlying conditions that can cause depression/anxiety. More how it looks in real life and the energetic aspects.

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