BioMedica - Formulating Clinically Tested Products

BioMedica is one of Australia's leading provider of nutritional and therapeutic supplements. BioMedica is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the role of the holistic practitioner and promote and support the notion of complementary therapies as a primary healthcare modality.

BioMedica is proud to support and promote original Australian research in complementary medicine. BioMedica remains focused on formulating and producing the highest quality, purest and most efficacious practitioner products available.

Vitality and Wellness recommend BioMedica products as they are a premier supplier of natural medicines in Australia. BioMedica is committed to the highest quality of products, technical and clinical research, as well as comprehensive practitioner education.

BioMedica products are available to purchase from Vitality and Wellness in one of the following ways:

  1. Upload or email us your BioMedica prescription from your Health Care Practitioner. 
  2. Call us on 02 6622 5194 if you have any questions on the BioMedica Range
BioMedica Adalase Sale
BioMedica Adalase
$35.50 $33.05
BioMedica Adhealth F Sale
BioMedica Adhealth F
$44.73 $40.75
BioMedica AdRestore Sale
BioMedica AdRestore
$48.68 $45.35
BioMedica Alka Cap Sale
BioMedica Alka Cap
$45.05 $41.05
BioMedica Allimax Sale
BioMedica Allimax
$49.72 $46.50
BioMedica BetaMax Sale
BioMedica BetaMax
$54.56 $49.80
BioMedica BicoZn Sale
BioMedica BicoZn
$47.40 from $20.05
BioMedica BioActivated B Sale
BioMedica BioActivated B
$52.14 $48.60
BioMedica BioActivated Calcium Sale
BioMedica BioActivated Calcium
$39.33 $36.65
BioMedica BioActivated Magnesium Sale
BioMedica BioActivated Magnesium
$84.95 from $34.00
BioMedica BioFem Sale
BioMedica BioFem
$56.15 $52.35
BioMedica BioFlam Sale
BioMedica BioFlam
$92.80 from $39.80
BioMedica BioHeme Sale
BioMedica BioHeme
$28.95 $26.15
BioMedica BioMatrix Sale
BioMedica BioMatrix
$51.95 $47.45
BioMedica BioTress Sale
BioMedica BioTress
$73.05 from $29.90
BioMedica C Max Sale
BioMedica C Max
$44.57 $40.15
BioMedica C-Caps Sale
BioMedica C-Caps
$68.82 from $27.05
BioMedica Cinnatol Sale
BioMedica Cinnatol
$45.94 $41.90
BioMedica Collagen Matrix
BioMedica Collagen Matrix
from $35.10
BioMedica CurcuForte Sale
BioMedica CurcuForte
$63.48 $58.20
BioMedica D Complete Sale
BioMedica D Complete
$27.92 $25.30
BioMedica EnteroCare Sale
BioMedica EnteroCare
$50.50 $46.75
BioMedica Femex Forte Sale
BioMedica Femex Forte
$57.21 $52.35
BioMedica GI Restore Sale
BioMedica GI Restore
$39.39 $35.75
BioMedica HistEase Sale
BioMedica HistEase
$67.56 $61.10
BioMedica IB-Pro Sale
BioMedica IB-Pro
$49.68 $45.40
BioMedica Imrex Sale
BioMedica Imrex
$45.83 $41.80
Biomedica Mag Duo Sale
Biomedica Mag Duo
$65.65 $59.70
BioMedica Mag FX Berry Complex Sale
BioMedica Mag FX Berry Complex
$46.90 $42.75
BioMedica Mag FX Citrus Complex Sale
BioMedica Mag FX Citrus Complex
$46.90 $42.75
BioMedica Minerva Sale
BioMedica Minerva
$48.95 $44.95
BioMedica N Acetyl Cysteine Sale
BioMedica N Acetyl Cysteine
$28.95 $26.15
BioMedica N Acetyl Cysteine Berry Sale
BioMedica N Acetyl Cysteine Berry
$56.60 from $26.15
BioMedica Natal Care Sale
BioMedica Natal Care
$85.35 from $33.15
BioMedica Neuro A Sale
BioMedica Neuro A
$54.23 Sold Out
BioMedica Neuro C Sale
BioMedica Neuro C
$64.48 Sold Out
BioMedica Neuro Sleep Sale
BioMedica Neuro Sleep
$41.00 $37.00
BioMedica NKCP Sale
BioMedica NKCP
$69.98 $63.35
BioMedica Omega Ease Sale
BioMedica Omega Ease
$71.90 from $36.65
BioMedica Oxyguard Sale
BioMedica Oxyguard
$46.60 $42.35
BioMedica PEA Sale
BioMedica PEA
$101.45 from $53.00
BioMedica PEA Berry Sale
BioMedica PEA Berry
$101.45 from $53.00
BioMedica PeptEase Sale
BioMedica PeptEase
$54.10 $48.50
BioMedica Phyta D Oral Spray Sale
BioMedica Phyta D Oral Spray
$42.30 $38.30
BioMedica Phytaxil Sale
BioMedica Phytaxil
$47.64 $43.45
BioMedica PhytoZyme Sale
BioMedica PhytoZyme
$44.07 $40.15
BioMedica ProFlora X Sale
BioMedica ProFlora X
$66.63 $61.10
BioMedica Protein Complete Sale
BioMedica Protein Complete
$60.50 $56.40
BioMedica Pure Liposome Vitamin C Sale
BioMedica Pure Liposome Vitamin C
$37.50 Sold Out
BioMedica Rhodiola Complex Sale
BioMedica Rhodiola Complex
$40.55 $36.65
BioMedica Ribraxx Sachets Sale
BioMedica Ribraxx Sachets
$598.95 from $209.75
BioMedica SB Pro Sale
BioMedica SB Pro
$56.70 $51.15
BioMedica SynQ10 Sale
BioMedica SynQ10
$67.80 $62.25
BioMedica ThyRestore Sale
BioMedica ThyRestore
$43.90 $39.95
BioMedica TriFlora Sale
BioMedica TriFlora
$65.05 $60.60
BioMedica UltraLiv Sale
BioMedica UltraLiv
$34.50 $31.25
BioMedica VegeNAC Sale
BioMedica VegeNAC
$32.10 $29.65
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