Side Effects Of Being Overweight

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Side Effects Of Being Overweight | Vitality and Wellness

Physical Ailments

Some of the physical ailments you may suffer from as a result of excessive weight are;

Accelerated ageing Learning difficulties
Asthma Leg ulcers
Back ache Macular degeneration
Cataracts Male & female infertility
Digestive problems Menstrual irregularities
Enlarged prostate Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Erectile dysfunction Poor immune function
Fatigue Shortness of breath
Gall and kidney stones Sleep apnoea
Gout Snoring
Hernias Under-active thyroid
High blood pressure Varicose veins
High cholesterol Vitamin D deficiency
Joint and muscle pain

You may also have an overall feeling of being unwell and not operating at your full potential.

Emotional Issues

Being overweight can affect you emotionally causing periods of depression, anxiety and mood swings. It may also trigger many emotional issues for you such as:

A feeling that you are useless A loss of enjoyment in life
A self-defeating attitude Anger at yourself for letting yourself end up like this
Embarrassment over your figure Resentment of people who are thinner than you

Increased Risk Of Disease

Carrying excess fat can also dramatically increase your risk of developing many deadly and debilitating diseases such as:

Alzheimer’s disease Liver cancer
Arthritis Macular degeneration
Asthma Myeloma’s
Blindness Non-Hodgkins lymphoma
Breast cancer Oesophageal cancer
Cervical cancer Ovarian cancer
Colon cancer (especially in males) Pancreatic cancer
Endometrial cancer Prostate cancer
Fatty liver Skin cancer
Gangrene Sleep apnoea
Heart attack Stroke
Heart disease Type 2 diabetes
Kidney cancer Uterine cancer
Kidney disease & failure

There is however some good news for you. Weight loss can be an easy process, you just need to make a commitment to yourself to change and believe in yourself that you can change.

With this commitment and belief in yourself, the next step is easy and that’s to lose weight by following a program that actually works.

Greg Newson
Greg Newson


Greg Newson is a qualified Naturopath, Western Medicine Herbalist, Nutritionist, Remedial Massage Therapist and Professional Health & Wellbeing Speaker. Greg has a passion for helping people and has been treating patients in clinical practice since 2002.

Greg is the owner of the Vitality and Wellness Centre, Lismore NSW Australia, a busy Naturopathic Clinic that cares for people suffering with any type of health complaint. He is dedicated in educating people to understand and embrace the enormous potential that natural medicine has on our long-term health and well-being. Greg is able to help people improve their health and offers in-clinic, phone and Skype health consultations as well as Guest Speaking on natural medicine and heath related topics.

Greg Newson's Qualifications: Advance Diploma Human Health Science 2001 (Charles Sturt University), Advance Diploma Remedial Massage 2002 (Health Schools Australia), Advance Diploma Western Herbal Medicine 2003 (Health Schools Australia), Bachelor Health Science 2005 (Charles Sturt University), Advance Diploma Naturopathy 2008 (Health Schools Australia), Advance Diploma Functional Nutrition 2008 (Health Schools Australia).

Greg is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

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