All heat sensitive probiotic orders are shipped with an ice pack. Any orders containing heat sensitive probiotic's placed on Friday will be held until the following Monday, to prevent the product from sitting in a warehouse over the weekend if you would prefer your order to ship without being held please contact us.

If you are purchasing heat sensitive probiotics, we recommend you choose Express Shipping to reduce delivery time. We constantly review our procedures to ensure that we comply with or exceed the manufacturers guidelines.

Happily some probiotics are "shelf stable" which means they do not require refrigeration and can be shipped without an icepack and do not need to be held.

Please find below statements regarding the stability of probiotics by the manufacturers. 

Testing shows that after 4 days of storage at both 30°C and 37°C the number of colony forming units (CFUs) is still 25% more than is stated on the product labels.

Shelf stable of up to 2 years under 25°C.

Shelf stable for up to 30 days at room temperature.

Shelf stable until expiry date.

Results of tests show that Metagenics probiotics are stable at 40°C for 2 days, 30°C for 2 weeks and 20°C for 4 months. The glass bottles used for probiotic manufacturing are made of a protective material, that even when warm to touch, protects the probiotics inside.

Multibac 10 is stable at 30°C for 14 days.

MultiGen and MultiFlora have been tested to withstand temperatures up to 30°C for up to 14 days.

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