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Naturopathic medicine has an exceptional ability to help your body heal itself of disease and illness. It offers you relief from your symptoms while looking at any underlying imbalances that may be contributing to your health concerns.

Together we work to bring about changes in your health that result in a long lasting freedom from ill health thus allowing you to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

To improve your health a naturopath may employ some of the following treatments to help you recover from your illness;

  • dietary changes (for example, eating more whole and unprocessed foods)
  • vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements
  • herbal medicine
  • counselling and education on lifestyle changes
  • environmental changes
  • homoeopathy
  • flower essences
  • massage
  • exercise therapy
  • energy balancing
  • emotional balancing
  • mind-body therapy (such as yoga, meditation and other relaxation therapies)

What is the difference between Symptomatic Care and Corrective Care treatment plans?

These are two different types of treatment plans that may be offered in your consultation depending on your presenting health condition.

A Symptomatic Care treatment plan supports your body whilst assisting to relieve your symptoms. This can be all that is needed to give you lasting relief from your condition and to bring back balance and health to your body.

A Corrective Care treatment plan is needed in more serious and long standing health complaints. This treatment plan digs deeper and identifies what is driving your health condition and then assists your body in repairing the damage which is causing your disease or health complaint. Additional questionnaires and specific testing are usually required in your personalised corrective care treatment plan.

What is the difference between a naturopath and a medical doctor?

A medical doctor treats the symptoms of your disease with drugs that they hope will relieve your symptoms.

A naturopath looks at the cause of your disease and uses various lifestyle changes, diet modifications, herbs, nutritional supplementation and a range of other treatments to rebalance your body to get it back on the journey to good health.

Whereas drugs may offer you some relief from your symptoms they usually have negative side affects and generally need to be taken for many years. Unfortunately drugs only suppress your symptoms and do not treat the underlying cause of your health issue(s).

Naturopathic medicine however, gets to the root cause of your health issue(s) and uses treatments such as lifestyle changes, diet modifications, herbs and nutritional supplementation to assist your body in healing itself.

If I see a naturopath does this mean that I don’t need a medical doctor?

Naturopaths and doctors view health from different angles but should be able to work together to benefit your health. If your doctor won’t work with your naturopath to improve your health and decrease your dependency on drugs then I would suggest you find another doctor that will.

For any life threatening health issues such as a heart attack or a major bacterial infection, medical intervention is absolutely necessary. After the seriousness of the health issue has passed, naturopathic medicine can then help your body to repair itself to optimal health.

Should you have had your disease for a long period of time you may find naturopathic medicine to be a highly beneficial treatment in gently nurturing your body back to full health.

Can a naturopath cure me of my disease?

Under Australian laws it is illegal to tell you that you can be cured of a disease. What naturopathic medicine does very well is to assist your body in healing itself of your disease.

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