• Initial Consultation - 60 Minute
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Restoring Your Natural Health: A Path to Wellness

  • Feeling lost and unable to understand the reasons behind your current state of health?

    Greg Newson, our highly skilled Naturopath, Herbalist, and Nutritionist, possesses a unique talent for uncovering the root causes behind health issues, no matter how elusive they may be. With over 21 years of clinical experience, Greg has successfully treated a wide range of health conditions and his unwavering dedication remains strong in helping every patient regain their well-being and happiness.

    During your comprehensive 60-minute Initial Consultation, we dedicate our time to thoroughly understand your health concerns and develop an effective plan for your well-being. Here's what you can expect:

    • In-depth Discussion: Greg will engage in a detailed conversation with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your health history, symptoms, and lifestyle factors. This thorough discussion aims to provide you with a deeper understanding of the underlying factors contributing to your health condition and what is happening in your body. By delving into these details, Greg can tailor his approach to address your specific needs effectively.
    • Examination of Health Test Results: If you have any relevant health test results, Greg will meticulously review them to gain additional insights into your condition.
    • Identification of Underlying Causes: Greg will delve deeper into investigating potential underlying causes contributing to your health issues. He aims to uncover the root causes rather than simply addressing the symptoms.
    • Personalised Guidance: Based on the information gathered, Greg will provide personalised guidance and recommendations tailored to your specific needs. This may include dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, or other holistic approaches.
    • Path to Natural Healing: Greg's approach emphasises healing and rebalancing the body naturally, focusing on addressing the underlying causes of health imbalances.

    This 60-minute Initial Consultation is the starting point of your journey towards improved health and well-being. It lays the foundation for a personalised treatment plan designed to restore your vitality and bring back your natural balance.

    We provide In Clinic Consultations for those who can travel to Alstonville, New South Wales. For individuals unable to make the journey, we offer Skype and Phone Consultations, available across Australia and worldwide.

    Let us help you embark on a journey towards reclaiming your health naturally, by addressing the underlying causes and nurturing your body back to its optimal state.

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  • Frequently Treated Health Conditions

    The following are some of the frequently encountered health conditions that Greg regularly handles. This list is not comprehensive and does not encompass the entirety of complaints Greg addresses. It serves as a general overview to provide an indication of the range of conditions treated.

    ADD / ADHD Headaches / Migraines
    Addictions Heavy Metals
    Adrenal Fatigue Immune Dysfunction
    Allergies Insomnia
    Anxiety Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Arthritis - All Forms Leaky Gut Syndrome 
    Autism Liver Detoxification
    Bi-Polar Disorder Obesity 
    Cancer  Pain Management 
    Candida Preconception Care
    Chronic Fatigue Pregnancy Care
    Colds / Flu's Pyroluria
    Depression Reflux
    Digestive Problems SIBO
    Dysbiosis  Thyroid Problems
  • Booking an Appointment Made Easy

    Follow these simple steps to book your appointment:

    1. Select the desired 'Consultation Type' from the drop-down box above. You can choose between In-Clinic, Phone, or Skype consultations.
    2. Click on the 'Buy Now' button and proceed to checkout to confirm your order.
    3. Once we receive your order, our team will promptly reach out to you to arrange a convenient appointment time.

    Booking your appointment is hassle-free, and our dedicated team ensures a smooth process from start to finish. Take the first step towards enhancing your health and well-being by securing your consultation today. For online and phone consultations, payment must be made before your allotted appointment time to ensure an uninterrupted and focused session. Once your payment is received, we will promptly confirm your appointment and provide detailed instructions for a seamless consultation experience. Schedule your appointment now and embark on a journey towards improved health and vitality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Conor Maguire

Excellent advice and support. Thank you

Gai Stern
Thorough and focussed

The comprehensive questionnaire I filled in before the consultation meant that the time I had with Greg was very focussed. He joined a lot of dots for me and his diagnosis was spot on. I ordered quite a few supplements which arrived promptly and which I have started taking. So far so good. I'm very happy with the service and feel well cared for. Thank you Greg and team.

My journey..

After battling so long with gut issues, I finally feel I am on the right track to wellness..
Thanks to Greg.. Dedicated to health and happiness.
He unravels your issues within..
Gets to the cause..that is what is needed!

Cheers Greg very caring , very frank , and professional!
Di in Sydney.

murielle paviet-fanolliet
Great diagnostician

Greg is thorough and provides excellent information around his diagnosis. He is understanding and kind while being direct and to the point. I would recommend him highly, particularly for issues surrounding menopause, thyroid, stress, low energy, depression, etc.

Sharon Hoffer
Saved my sanity

Eighteen months ago, I was diagnosed with Pyrrole Disorder. After being on supplements since then, my blood tests were all showing normal levels, however, I wasn’t feeling any better. I was having relationship troubles, and finally left the emotionally abusive relationship I was in. I landed in Lismore, and found the Vitality & Wellness Centre through an online search. Seeing the naturopath answered so many of my questions, including hearing the harsh reality that my Pyrrole Disorder was not a genetic thing, but was caused by the massive emotional stress I’d been under. I sadly learnt that I now have more than Pyrrole Disorder to deal with, but under the care and guidance of the naturopath, I finally have a sense of hope, and I feel heard and understood. I’m looking forward to my next appointment in two days, as the initial supplements I received have been wonderful.

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