The Kidneys More Than Just Filtration And Piddle | Vitality and Wellness Centre

In our latest video, Vitality and Wellness's clinic Naturopath Greg Newson discusses the importance of our kidneys, not just as a filtration and detoxification organ, but as an organ that makes our bones strong, creates energy, regulates blood pressure, initiates the production of new red blood cells and so much more.

  • The unique roles that the Kidneys perform, and if they don't, we die
  • How Traditional Chinese Medicine views the Kidneys 
  • Can pharmaceutical drugs damage Kidney function
  • What herbs are the best to revitalise the Kidneys? 
  • Start watching to find out all this and more.

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Supplements mentioned in this video to support the Kidneys:

Kidney Support - is a blend of Mother Nature's finest healing herbs that help rebalance, revitalise and regenerate kidney function and enhance their filtering ability, blood flow, and vital Qi.  

Antioxidant Support - a blend of fruits, vegetables and herbs high in antioxidants that help protect the kidneys from the harmful effects of toxins, poisons and acids while supporting its detoxification processes.

Green Cleanse - a blend of green superfoods that cleanse, nourish and revitalise kidney function, enhance detoxification and support the accumulation of kidney Qi. 

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