Reflux - A Disease Or A Stomach Out Of Balance? | Vitality and Wellness Centre

In our latest video, Vitality and Wellness's clinic Naturopath Greg Newson discusses Reflux.

  • Is it a disease or simply a matter of the stomach being out of balance?
  • Does Mother Nature have the answers and knowledge to rebalance, repair and regenerate the stomach and oesophagus, leading a person to become Reflux Free?
  • Can Herbs really offer long-term relief and healing from Reflux?
  • Start watching to find out.

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Stomach Support - a blend of herbs that help regenerate oesophageal sphincter damage, reduce the symptoms of reflux, rebalance stomach secretions and revitalise stomach energy and vitality. 

Inflammatory Support - a herbal blend to help reduce the inflammation on the oesophageal sphincter, oesophageal cells and the stomach. Reducing inflammation allows the body to fast-track the healing process. 

Intestinal Repair - a blend of nutrients and herbs that soothe and repair damage to the oesophageal sphincter, oesophagus and stomach

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