GET BATTLE READY - Let's Talk Immune Health!

GET BATTLE READY - Let's Talk Immune Health Podcast

In this episode, Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist Greg Newson delivers an easy-to-understand, informative talk on Immune Health with a more natural perspective. Greg discusses in his unique larrikin way how the Immune System works, how it protects us from harmful pathogens and allergens and sometimes why it gets angry and attacks us, its beautiful host. 

Throughout this Podcast, Greg gives away pearls of wisdom and what you can simply do to support your long-term Immune Health. As Greg dispenses his uncomplicated knowledge, a light of awareness glows and empowers you with the education to make more conscious health choices. 

Quick Episode Summary

  • 1:15 Innate Immune System
  • 3:07 Adaptive Immune System
  • 5:33 Lymphocytes, Our Immune Army
  • 10:40 Immune System and Vaccines
  • 14:03 Allergies Our Sensitive Immune System
  • 33:43 Stress, the Silent Immune Killer
  • 40:23 Pharmaceuticals; Messing With Our Immune System
  • 46:58 Strengthening the Immune System
  • 55:50 Digestion and Immune Health
  • 58:40 Natural Immune Treatment

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