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Tune in for an in-depth exploration of the colon's vital role in overall health in our latest podcast episode, "Keeping It Moving—Let's Talk Colon Health." Join us as we sit down with Naturopath, Herbalist, and Nutritionist Greg Newson to uncover fascinating colon functions, including water reabsorption, immune and microbiome health and vitamin production.

Greg will explain the signs and symptoms of poor colon function and discuss common health conditions. We'll also explore lifestyle factors that can impact colon health and discover the herbs and nutrients that can support and improve colon function. This episode is packed with practical advice and natural solutions to help you maintain a healthy, happy digestive system.

Don't miss out on this essential information that can enhance your well-being. Tune in now and learn how to keep the colon—and the entire body—functioning at its best!

Quick Episode Summary

1:15 - Colon Function and How It Works - Discover the colon's crucial role in digestion, from absorbing water and electrolytes to forming and storing waste.

9:31 - Different Sections of the Colon and Their Functions - Explore the specific roles of each section of the colon: the ascending, transverse, descending, and sigmoid colon and how they contribute to overall digestive health.

13:17 - Signs, Symptoms and Common Health Conditions Associated with Poor Colon Health - Learn about the warning signs and symptoms of poor colon function and common health conditions like IBS, IBD and colon cancer.

18:21 - Causes of Poor Colon Health - Understand the lifestyle factors and habits that can lead to poor colon health, including diet, stress, medication and lack of exercise.

32:02 - What the Colour and Texture of Poo Tells Us - Decode what different colours and textures of stool can indicate about your digestive health and overall well-being.

34:25 - Herbs and Nutrients to Improve Colon Health - Discover the powerful herbs and essential nutrients that support and enhance colon function, such as fibre, probiotics, and magnesium.

44:53 - What You Can Do to Improve Colon Health - Get practical tips and actionable advice on lifestyle changes and dietary adjustments to maintain a healthy colon and improve your digestive health.

Pure Quality Products To Improve Colon Health

Intestinal Cleanse - A powerful blend of natural ingredients that helps eliminate harmful pathogens, reduce dysbiosis and promote a healthier colon.

Multibac 10 - A potent mix of ten beneficial probiotic strains designed to balance the gut microbiome, enhancing colon function for optimal digestion, waste elimination and microbiome health.

SacchroBiotic - Supports gut health with beneficial yeast that combats harmful organisms, strengthens colon function and improves immune health and overall digestive resilience.

Intestinal Repair - Supports the healing of the intestinal lining, reduces inflammation, and enhances colon function by improving the ability to eliminate waste effectively.

Digestive Support - Enhances stomach and pancreatic secretions to improve food breakdown and nutrient uptake within the small intestine and colon.

ReVitalise - Provides nourishment for beneficial gut bacteria to create a healthy and robust microbiome while nourishing the cells that make up the colon lining for optimal digestive health.

On The Move - Helps strengthen and tone the colon wall, effectively removing toxic waste build-up and promoting healthy daily bowel movements.

Intestinal Maintain - Supports the integrity of the small intestine and colon lining, promotes microbiome health, eliminates toxic build-up, and helps sustain long-term digestive health.

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