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NatroVital On The Move Herbal Tonic

  • NatroVital On The Move Herbal Tonic is a reliable and effective solution for promoting healthy bowel motions and enhancing overall digestive well-being. This 100% Alcohol-Free tonic combines carefully selected herbs known for their traditional use in supporting regular bowel movements, eliminating waste and providing a calmative effect to reduce abdominal pain. By harnessing the power of these specially chosen herbs, NatroVital On The Move Herbal Tonic supports a healthy gut and aids those seeking relief from difficulties in achieving daily bowel movements, hard to pass stools and compacted faeces. Experience the transformative benefits of regular bowel habits with the healing properties of Mother Nature's medicinal herbs.

    Herbs have been used for thousands of years as a natural form of medicine to support health and well-being. Traditional herbal remedies have been passed down through generations and across cultures, harnessing the power of nature to promote overall wellness.

    Herbs contain various compounds and constituents that can have therapeutic properties. These natural compounds interact with our bodies in different ways, supporting bodily functions, addressing imbalances and promoting health. Herbal remedies can be used to support various aspects of well-being, including physical, mental and emotional health.

    Herbal medicine offers a holistic approach to health and well-being, working in synergy with the body's natural healing mechanisms to address underlying imbalances and promote overall wellness rather than targeting isolated symptoms. By harnessing the wisdom of nature, herbs provide a rich source of bioactive compounds that support various bodily functions, such as digestion, detoxification and cardiovascular health. Incorporating herbal remedies like NatroVital On The Move into a holistic approach to health can be a valuable addition to improve daily bowel motions, increase mental clarity and contribute to a balanced and vibrant life.

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  • Promoting Regular Bowel Movements for Improved Well-being

    Promoting regular bowel movements is essential for achieving improved overall well-being. When we maintain a healthy digestive system and ensure regular waste elimination, it positively impacts our health on multiple levels. Regular bowel movements help prevent constipation and alleviate discomfort associated with irregularity. They aid in the efficient removal of toxins and waste from the body, supporting detoxification and reducing the risk of bloating and abdominal discomfort. Additionally, regular bowel motions contribute to a balanced gut microbiome, which is vital for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. By promoting regularity, you can experience improved energy levels, enhanced mood and a greater sense of overall wellness.

    • Abdominal Pain: Daily bowel movements aid in reducing abdominal bloating. Regular elimination of waste prevents the accumulation of gas and fluid in the digestive system, resulting in a flatter and more comfortable abdomen. This can enhance body confidence and reduce discomfort associated with bloating.
    • Constipation: Regular and daily bowel movements help prevent and alleviate constipation. By ensuring the regular elimination of waste from the body, the risk of stool buildup and discomfort associated with constipation is reduced. This promotes a healthier digestive system and helps maintain optimal bowel function.
    • Flatulence: Passing a bowel motion daily can help reduce excessive gas buildup in the digestive system. Regular elimination of waste prevents the fermentation of undigested food, which can lead to gas production and flatulence. By promoting regular bowel movements, the occurrence of flatulence is minimised, resulting in improved comfort and reduced bloating.
    • Intestinal Spasm: Regular bowel movements are key to alleviating intestinal spasms and the associated pain. When waste is promptly eliminated from the body, the chances of stool buildup and irritation in the intestines are minimised, leading to a calmer and more relaxed intestinal environment. This reduction in tension and pressure helps decrease the frequency and intensity of spasms. By promoting regular bowel motions, individuals can experience relief from intestinal spasms, as the timely elimination of waste prevents the accumulation that can trigger spasms and subsequent discomfort. A balanced and relaxed intestinal environment achieved through regular waste elimination supports overall digestive health and contributes to a greater sense of well-being.
    • Liver Health: Regular bowel movements support liver health by efficiently eliminating waste and toxins from the body. When waste products are promptly removed through regular bowel motions, the liver's workload is reduced. This helps maintain optimal liver function, promoting overall liver health and well-being.
    • Improved Bile Flow: Daily bowel movements play a crucial role in increasing bile flow through various mechanisms. Firstly, regular bowel motions stimulate the release of bile from the gallbladder, ensuring a consistent supply of bile for efficient fat digestion. Additionally, daily bowel movements help maintain proper bile production by preventing its stagnation and promoting a continuous turnover of bile synthesis in the liver. This ensures a healthy bile composition and optimal digestive function. Furthermore, regular waste elimination allows bile to be present in the small intestine during the digestion of dietary fats, promoting efficient emulsification and breakdown of fats. By preventing bile stagnation and facilitating its flow, daily bowel motions support effective fat digestion, nutrient absorption and overall digestive health.
    • Intestinal Inflammation: Regular bowel movements play a vital role in reducing intestinal inflammation. By promptly eliminating waste from the body, the risk of waste buildup and irritation in the intestines is minimised. Regular bowel motions help maintain a healthier intestinal environment by preventing the accumulation of harmful substances and undigested materials that can contribute to inflammation. When waste remains in the intestines for prolonged periods, it can lead to bacterial overgrowth and the release of pro-inflammatory compounds, triggering inflammation in the intestinal lining. However, by promoting regular and timely bowel movements, the chances of waste accumulation and subsequent inflammation are reduced, creating a balanced and healthier environment in the intestines. This reduction in intestinal inflammation contributes to improved digestive health and overall well-being.
    • Nervous Tension: Regular bowel movements play a crucial role in reducing nervous tension and stress related to digestive issues. The enteric nervous system, responsible for regulating digestion, is intricately connected to the central nervous system. When waste accumulates in the colon due to infrequent bowel movements, it can lead to toxin buildup and compromise the health of the enteric nervous system. This toxic burden can contribute to nervous tension, anxiety and emotional imbalance. By promoting regular and effective elimination of waste, the enteric nervous system is relieved from toxicity, allowing for improved function and reduced nervous tension. This, in turn, promotes a greater sense of calm, well-being and enhanced mental and emotional health.
    • Stimulate Digestion: Regular daily bowel motions play a crucial role in stimulating digestion. By eliminating waste on a regular basis, the digestive system is encouraged to efficiently break down food and absorb its nutrients. When waste accumulates in the colon due to infrequent bowel movements, it can lead to sluggish digestion and impaired nutrient absorption. However, by promoting regular bowel motions, the digestive process is activated, allowing for the timely breakdown of food and the absorption of essential nutrients. This supports overall digestive health, ensures the body effectively utilises nutrients and contributes to overall well-being.
    • Soften Stool: Passing a bowel motion daily helps maintain soft and well-formed stools. Regular elimination of waste prevents stool from becoming hard and dry, reducing the discomfort and strain associated with difficult-to-pass stools. Soft stools are easier to eliminate, promoting a more comfortable and effortless bowel movement experience.
  • Nature's Goodness in a Bottle: NatroVital On The Move

    NatroVital On The Move for Healthy Bowel Movements and Digestive Well-being. This specially crafted tonic blends a harmonious combination of carefully selected herbs with a longstanding tradition of promoting optimal digestive function and regularity. With each ingredient playing a vital role in the synergy of the blend, NatroVital On The Move delivers a potent solution for supporting a healthy digestive system and relieving constipation. Embrace the abundance of nature's goodness contained in every bottle of NatroVital On The Move and embrace the benefits of regular bowel motions for your overall well-being.

    • Cascara (Rhamnus purshianus): Cascara has a long history of traditional use as a natural laxative and bowel stimulant. It contains compounds called anthraquinones that promote muscle contractions in the intestines, helping to stimulate regular bowel motions. It has been traditionally used to alleviate constipation and support a healthy bowel function.
    • Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla): Chamomile is known for its calming and soothing properties, but it also has a gentle effect on the digestive system. It has been traditionally used to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort and reduce gripping pain associated with constipation. Chamomile helps relax the muscles in the intestines, promoting smoother bowel movements and reducing discomfort during the passage of stool.
    • Organic Dandelion Whole (Taraxacum officinale): Dandelion has been used traditionally as a digestive tonic and mild laxative. It contains compounds that stimulate bile production and flow, supporting the breakdown and digestion of fats. By promoting healthy bile, which is a natural laxative dandelion aids in the elimination of waste and toxins, promoting regular bowel motions and alleviating constipation.
    • Ginger (Zingiber officinale): Ginger has a long history of use in traditional medicine to support digestion and relieve gastrointestinal discomfort. It has been traditionally used to alleviate constipation and promote regular bowel movements. Ginger stimulates digestion by increasing the muscular contractions in the intestines, facilitating the movement of food through the digestive tract. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation and ease discomfort during bowel movements.
    • Turkish Rhubarb (Rheum palmatum): Turkish Rhubarb has been traditionally used as a natural laxative and bowel stimulant. Like Cascara, it contains compounds called anthraquinones that help stimulate bowel movements and alleviate constipation. Turkish Rhubarb has a gentle yet effective action on the intestines, promoting regularity and supporting a healthy digestive system.
    • Organic Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus): Yellow Dock has traditionally been used as a natural remedy for constipation and digestive discomfort. It contains compounds that stimulate the production of digestive juices, including bile, which aids in the breakdown and elimination of waste. Yellow Dock has a gentle laxative effect, promoting regular bowel movements and relieving the gripping pain associated with constipation.

    Bottle Size: 200ml

    NatroVital On The Move Excipients:

    • Vegetable Glycerine and Purified Grander Water: Vegetable glycerine serves as a natural sweetener and preservative, while the purified Grander water, free from chlorine and fluoride, ensures a clean and refreshing base for the herbal tonic. These carefully selected excipients contribute to the quality, purity and overall effectiveness of NatroVital On The Move.
    • 100% Alcohol-Free: On The Move is crafted to be 100% alcohol-free, providing a gentle and non-irritating formula. This makes it suitable for individuals who prefer alcohol-free options or those who may be sensitive to alcohol-based products.
    • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans: NatroVital On The Move is consciously designed to meet the needs of individuals following vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. It is free from any animal-derived ingredients, allowing individuals to incorporate it into their dietary preferences and ethical choices.
  • What dosage do I take of On The Move?
    We recommend taking 2.5ml to 5ml of NatroVital On The Move 1 to 3 times a day depending on the severity of the constipation.
    What's The Best Way To Take On The Move?
    We suggest adding the required dosage to a measuring cup, filling it with water or juice and drinking it down. Don't forget to drink the residue left in the measuring cup.
    Does On The Move contain preservatives or anything artificial?
    No, NatroVital On The Move only contains Vegetable Glycerine and Grander Purified Water - Free from Chlorine and Fluoride. It has no added artificial flavours, colourings, sweetener or preservatives. On The Move is free from animal products, dairy protein, lactose, eggs, gluten, wheat, nuts, yeast, corn or soy.
    Is On The Move Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians?
    Yes, NatroVital On The Move is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans as it contains no animal products.
    Are there contraindications for taking NatroVital On The Move?
    Yes, Do not use NatroVital On The Move if known allergies to ingredients. Drink plenty of water. Do not use when NatroVital On The Move abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting are present, or if you develop diarrhoea. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, seek the advice of a healthcare professional before taking this product. Use in children under 12 years is not recommended.
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Trish Ilsley
Excellent Product

On the move has kept me from having a rather large operation. Hope it keeps on keeping on.

Works brilliantly to keep my daughter regular

My adult daughter has a disability and has suffered from constipation all her life. She was on everything prescribed and it still didn't make her regular and worse, she would have blow outs which would distress her. I wanted to give her something more natural and gentle with no blow outs. On the Move has delivered and is part of her regular daily routine. Thank you :-D

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