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Get ready to embark on a fascinating journey into the world of wellness! In our newest podcast episode, we delve into a topic that affects countless individuals: constipation. Join us as we sit down with the knowledgeable Naturopath Greg Newson, who shares valuable insights into this uncomfortable condition. We'll explore its symptoms, causes and most importantly, discover how to maintain regular daily bowel motions through lifestyle changes and the use of nature's own medicine: herbs. Prepare for an enlightening discussion that uncovers the incredible potential of natural remedies. Don't miss out on this invaluable knowledge that can transform your life. Tune in now and unlock the key to maintaining a healthy, happy digestive system!

Quick Episode Summary

  • 0:53 Feeling "Stuck"? Discover the Truth Behind Constipation!
  • 2:21 When Your Bowels Play Hard to Get: Exploring the Secrets of Constipation
  • 3:15 Unraveling the Mystery: What Really Happens When You're Constipated
  • 19:22 The Silent Suffering: Unveiling the Hidden Side Effects of Constipation
  • 24:23 Unlock the Truth: A Quick and Easy DIY Test to Determine if You're Constipated
  • 26:00 Unlocking Nature's Secrets: Powerful Remedies for Constipation Relief

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On The Move - is a blend of Mother Nature's finest healing herbs that traditionally have help rebalance, revitalise and regenerate intestinal function, relieving constipation and enhancing daily bowel motions.

Intestinal Maintain - a unique combination of fibre-rich ingredients and healing herbs designed to support optimal bowel function. This powerful blend promotes healthy daily bowel movements by adding bulk to the stool, soothing intestinal inflammation, nourishing beneficial gut bacteria, and maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Intestinal Cleanse - a potent blend of herbs with a time-honoured tradition in eliminating harmful intestinal organisms like bacteria, worms, candida, and parasites. This powerful formula helps reduce intestinal toxicity and inflammation, promoting smooth and healthy bowel movements. Embrace the cleansing benefits of Intestinal Cleanse as it fosters a healthier gut environment, revitalising your digestive well-being. 

Multibac 10 - a remarkable blend of 10 carefully selected strains of beneficial gut bacteria combined with the nourishing prebiotic fibre inulin. This potent combination works synergistically to revitalise and restore intestinal health, reducing inflammation and promoting optimal bowel function. Experience the transformative power of Multibac 10 as it supports a healthy gut environment and facilitates regular, healthy bowel movements.

SacchroBiotic - a unique blend of Saccharomyces boulardii, a beneficial yeast, and the prebiotic inulin. This powerful combination works together to create a healthy gut environment by crowding out harmful bacteria, nourishing the beneficial ones, and restoring balance in cases of dysbiosis. SacchroBiotic also supports regular and healthy bowel movements, promoting optimal digestive function.

MagExcel - a unique blend of four highly absorbable forms of magnesium. This powerful formula is specifically designed to alleviate muscle spasms, relax and nourish the intestinal muscles, and support the optimal function of nerves involved in peristalsis. By promoting healthy muscle and nerve activity, MagExcel helps improve daily bowel motions and supports a regular digestive rhythm. 

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