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Please Note: The manufacturer of Orthoplex White Label products enforces a firm online policy for the sale of any of their products. Their policy states that a new customer must upload a current prescription to gain access to view and / or purchase any Orthoplex White Label Product online on our website (Vitality and Wellness Centre).

We understand this may cause problems for some people and apologise for the inconvenience. If you are unable to provide a current prescription, we recommend you contact us on (02)6622 5194 for an alternative product. We are here to help you, so please get in touch if you have any issues.

All existing customers, simply sign in to access the Orthoplex White Label products.

Orthoplex White is the flagship of the leading, practitioner-only nutritional supplementation manufacture BioConcepts, known for their integrity and nutritional focus.

Vitality and Wellness recommend Orthoplex white label supplements due to their superior quality, excipient transparency and cutting-edge education. Orthoplex was formed over 33 years ago and has remained steadfast to their beliefs in quality nutritional supplements that Enhance People’s Lives.

Orthoplex white label products are available to purchase from Vitality and Wellness by:

  1. Uploading a copy of your Orthoplex prescription from your Health Care Practitioner. This is done when you click on an Orthoplex white label product and gain access to purchase.
  2. Alternatively emailing a script through our contact us page is also acceptable. 
Orthoplex Activated B6 Sale
Orthoplex Activated B6
$43.10 $39.15
Orthoplex AdrenoEnhance Sale
Orthoplex AdrenoEnhance
$54.45 $49.40
Orthoplex AlkaMin Essentials Sale
Orthoplex AlkaMin Essentials
$53.45 $48.35
Orthoplex Anxioton Sale
Orthoplex Anxioton
$56.15 $51.65
Orthoplex BioActive Lipids Sale
Orthoplex BioActive Lipids
$96.75 from $53.25
Orthoplex BioEnhanced Methyl-B Sale
Orthoplex BioEnhanced Methyl-B
$49.95 $46.25
Orthoplex CardioPro Sale
Orthoplex CardioPro
$77.45 $71.95
Orthoplex Chelatox Sale
Orthoplex Chelatox
$87.50 $80.60
Orthoplex CitraMag Sale
Orthoplex CitraMag
$41.95 $37.20
Orthoplex CitraMag 400 Sachets Sale
Orthoplex CitraMag 400 Sachets
$79.95 $72.30
Orthoplex Clinical C Sale
Orthoplex Clinical C
$48.95 from $28.95
Orthoplex Clinical Lipids 2:1 Sale
Orthoplex Clinical Lipids 2:1
$75.95 $67.45
Orthoplex Cognisense Pro
Orthoplex Cognisense Pro
Orthoplex Curcuma Clinical Sale
Orthoplex Curcuma Clinical
$65.00 $59.15
Orthoplex Folinic Acid Sale
Orthoplex Folinic Acid
$43.55 $38.65
Orthoplex GIT ImmunoBiotic Sale
Orthoplex GIT ImmunoBiotic
$89.45 from $50.50
Orthoplex Gut Mx Sale
Orthoplex Gut Mx
$59.30 $54.30
Orthoplex Gut RX Sale
Orthoplex Gut RX
$77.60 $71.25
Orthoplex Heme Synergy Sale
Orthoplex Heme Synergy
$23.35 $20.65
Orthoplex L-Theanine Sale
Orthoplex L-Theanine
$42.30 $35.45
Orthoplex MagGI Restore Sale
Orthoplex MagGI Restore
$85.00 from $47.05
Orthoplex MagTaur Xcell Sale
Orthoplex MagTaur Xcell
$89.95 from $51.65
Orthoplex Methyl1c BioEnhanced Sale
Orthoplex Methyl1c BioEnhanced
$48.55 $44.90
Orthoplex Metibol Xcell Sale
Orthoplex Metibol Xcell
$83.50 from $42.95
Orthoplex Mito Pro Sale
Orthoplex Mito Pro
$74.00 $68.15
Orthoplex Mito Xcell Sale
Orthoplex Mito Xcell
$87.50 from $45.90
Orthoplex MultiGen Biotic Sale
Orthoplex MultiGen Biotic
$90.55 from $51.10
Orthoplex N-acetylcysteine Sale
Orthoplex N-acetylcysteine
$56.60 from $28.95
Orthoplex NeuroCare Sale
Orthoplex NeuroCare
$74.50 $69.85
Orthoplex NeuroEnhance Sale
Orthoplex NeuroEnhance
$58.80 $53.25
Orthoplex NeuroPrime Sale
Orthoplex NeuroPrime
$48.35 $43.95
Orthoplex OestroClear Sale
Orthoplex OestroClear
$63.25 $58.60
Orthoplex PEA Powder Sale
Orthoplex PEA Powder
$55.60 $51.70
Orthoplex PreDop Lift Sale
Orthoplex PreDop Lift
$46.00 $42.60
Orthoplex PreGABA Sale
Orthoplex PreGABA
$64.50 $58.05
Orthoplex PreHist Sale
Orthoplex PreHist
$69.95 $65.75
Orthoplex PreSeraton Sale
Orthoplex PreSeraton
$55.50 $52.10
Orthoplex ProgestaLift Sale
Orthoplex ProgestaLift
$58.85 from $36.05
Orthoplex Pure D Sale
Orthoplex Pure D
$31.40 $28.60
Orthoplex Pure Natal Sale
Orthoplex Pure Natal
$76.50 from $42.40
Orthoplex S.Bifido Biotic Sale
Orthoplex S.Bifido Biotic
$56.70 from $29.90
Orthoplex S.F.M. Xcell Sale
Orthoplex S.F.M. Xcell
$42.30 $37.60
Orthoplex SAMe 200mg Sale
Orthoplex SAMe 200mg
$69.95 $65.35
Orthoplex SAMe 400mg Sale
Orthoplex SAMe 400mg
$89.30 $81.15
Orthoplex SarcoCare Sale
Orthoplex SarcoCare
$75.90 $69.20
Orthoplex SynerGesic Sale
Orthoplex SynerGesic
$54.30 $49.40
Orthoplex TMG Sale
Orthoplex TMG
$58.75 $53.75
Orthoplex Vitamin E Synergy Sale
Orthoplex Vitamin E Synergy
$51.25 $47.75
Orthoplex Zinc Status Sale
Orthoplex Zinc Status
$34.45 Sold Out
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