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In this episode, Greg dives into Reflux, also known as heartburn, GORD and GERD, discussing the causes, symptoms and the slippery slope that some pharmaceutical medications can take you down.
As any sufferer knows, Reflux can be a painful, distressing condition that can severely affect a person's health and cause significant distress to a person's daily life. 

If you are one of the many people who suffer from Reflux, sit back and listen to Greg as he discusses the causes and what changes can be made to bring back balance to the body so it can heal Reflux for good and allow you to live a drug-free life.

Quick Episode Summary

  • 1:10 Symptoms of Reflux
  • 1:29 Difference Between Reflux, GERD and GORD
  • 2:32 Causes of Reflux
  • 3:20 Stomach's Role in Reflux and Digestion
  • 4:51 Oesophogeal Sphincter and Reflux
  • 6:52 Reflux - Too Little Acid
  • 11:10 Unknown Side-Effects of Reflux
  • 14:15 Pharmaceutical Treatment of Reflux
  • 15:24 Side-Effects of Pharmaceutical Reflux Medications
  • 21:21 Foods That Aggravate Refex
  • 22:58 Herbs and Nutrients to Treat Reflux

Supplements mentioned in this podcast to help manage Reflux

Stomach Support - a blend of herbs that help regenerate oesophageal sphincter damage, reduce the symptoms of reflux, rebalance stomach secretions and revitalise stomach energy and vitality. 

Inflammatory Support - a herbal blend to help reduce the inflammation on the oesophageal sphincter, oesophageal cells and the stomach. Reducing inflammation allows the body to fast-track the healing process. 

Intestinal Repair - a blend of nutrients and herbs that soothe and repair damage to the oesophageal sphincter, oesophagus and stomach

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