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Orthoplex is a leading, practitioner-only nutritional supplementation range, known for its integrity, biochemical founding and nutritional focus.

Vitality and Wellness recommend Orthoplex supplements due to their superior quality, excipient transparency and cutting-edge education. Orthoplex was formed over 33 years ago and has remained steadfast to their beliefs in quality nutritional supplements that Enhance People’s Lives. 

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Orthoplex products are available to purchase from Vitality and Wellness in one of the following ways:

  1. Email us a copy of your Orthoplex prescription from your Health Care Practitioner
  2. Register as a customer and one of our practitioners will contact you to organise a consultation. During the consultation, we will confirm the suitability of the Orthoplex products for your condition and recommend any alternatives. We will take into consideration your symptoms, previous history, family history and any other medications or supplements that you are taking. 
Orthoplex Acetyl L-Carnitine Sale
Orthoplex Acetyl L-Carnitine
$55.45 $50.60
Orthoplex Activated B Complex Sale
Orthoplex Activated B Complex
$49.75 $46.55
Orthoplex Adenosine Sale
Orthoplex Adenosine
$55.50 $51.05
Orthoplex Alkamin Calm Sale
Orthoplex Alkamin Calm
$46.40 $42.90
Orthoplex B Vital Sale
Orthoplex B Vital
$45.85 $42.90
Orthoplex BioOmega Capsules Sale
Orthoplex BioOmega Capsules
$49.95 $46.40
Orthoplex BioOmega Liquid Sale
Orthoplex BioOmega Liquid
$34.40 Sold Out
Orthoplex Co-Enzyme Q10 Sale
Orthoplex Co-Enzyme Q10
$38.90 $35.50
Orthoplex CoQ10 150mg Sale
Orthoplex CoQ10 150mg
$47.95 $43.95
Orthoplex D.E.F. Sale
Orthoplex D.E.F.
$115.80 from $42.90
Orthoplex ElderForte Sale
Orthoplex ElderForte
$46.95 $41.35
Orthoplex Eye Rite Sale
Orthoplex Eye Rite
$72.30 $67.70
Orthoplex Glucolin Sale
Orthoplex Glucolin
$52.95 $47.85
Orthoplex Glutamine Sale
Orthoplex Glutamine
$71.15 $66.60
Orthoplex Glutamine Complex 500 Sale
Orthoplex Glutamine Complex 500
$34.35 Sold Out
Orthoplex Glycine Sale
Orthoplex Glycine
$40.00 $36.70
Orthoplex Glycine Sale
Orthoplex Glycine
$40.00 $36.70
Orthoplex Gut SynBiotic Sale
Orthoplex Gut SynBiotic
$61.50 $56.80
Orthoplex HCL Capsules Sale
Orthoplex HCL Capsules
$55.70 $50.00
Orthoplex Hydrozyme Sale
Orthoplex Hydrozyme
$47.05 from $24.05
Orthoplex InflamAid Plus Sale
Orthoplex InflamAid Plus
$57.46 $52.20
Orthoplex Inkephalin Sale
Orthoplex Inkephalin
$53.44 $49.30
Orthoplex Intestaclear Sale
Orthoplex Intestaclear
$45.20 $40.70
Orthoplex Iodine Sale
Orthoplex Iodine
$40.00 $36.20
Orthoplex Iron Sale
Orthoplex Iron
$24.90 $20.40
Orthoplex Iron Sale
Orthoplex Iron
$24.90 $20.40
Orthoplex Joint Tissue Support Sale
Orthoplex Joint Tissue Support
$65.30 $59.70
Orthoplex L.M. II Sale
Orthoplex L.M. II
$40.25 $36.70
Orthoplex Liposomal C Powder Sale
Orthoplex Liposomal C Powder
$49.50 $46.45
Orthoplex Lymphodran Sale
Orthoplex Lymphodran
$53.45 $48.10
Orthoplex Lymphodran Plus Sale
Orthoplex Lymphodran Plus
$56.00 $50.00
Orthoplex Mag Citrate Sale
Orthoplex Mag Citrate
$56.80 $50.55
Orthoplex MagOptiCell Sale
Orthoplex MagOptiCell
$85.65 from $45.50
Orthoplex MagPlex Sale
Orthoplex MagPlex
$56.80 $50.55
Orthoplex Mineral Matrix Sale
Orthoplex Mineral Matrix
$34.75 $30.95
Orthoplex MitoLift Sale
Orthoplex MitoLift
$71.95 $65.65
Orthoplex Multiflora Sale
Orthoplex Multiflora
$78.00 from $44.30
Orthoplex Phospholipid Complex Sale
Orthoplex Phospholipid Complex
$69.95 $64.45
Orthoplex Repairase Sale
Orthoplex Repairase
$75.00 $69.00
Orthoplex Resveratrol Sale
Orthoplex Resveratrol
$47.80 $44.05
Orthoplex SarcoCare + D Sale
Orthoplex SarcoCare + D
$70.95 $64.45
Orthoplex Selenium Drops Sale
Orthoplex Selenium Drops
$31.00 $27.40
Orthoplex Taurine 500 Sale
Orthoplex Taurine 500
$29.50 $26.85
Orthoplex Ultra Buffered C Sale
Orthoplex Ultra Buffered C
$95.50 from $46.00
Orthoplex Ultra Pure GG Sale
Orthoplex Ultra Pure GG
$47.55 Sold Out
Orthoplex Vitamin D 1000IU Sale
Orthoplex Vitamin D 1000IU
$32.55 $29.05
Orthoplex Zinc C Lozenge Sale
Orthoplex Zinc C Lozenge
$35.55 $31.50
Orthoplex Zinc Citrate Sale
Orthoplex Zinc Citrate
$40.95 $36.20
Orthoplex Zymin Sale
Orthoplex Zymin
$28.95 Sold Out
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